The Club |  Referees who pick up the sticks, famous considerations of the future and... pubs on the tapes!

The Club | Referees who pick up the sticks, famous considerations of the future and… pubs on the tapes!

A big batch today. Which means there’s more room for your next questions!

the lucky loser

In tennis, how is the lucky loser when a player loses the main draw? More than one player will have lost in the ranking. Why choose one over the other?

Lucie St Arneault

Answer from Nicholas Richard:

the lucky losers they are chosen based on the players who reached the last qualifying stage. The highest ranked player among those who lost in the last round is the favourite. If there is an additional need, the names of the players who occupy a ranking are drawn at random. Therefore, a player who may be ranked lower than another could have a spot in the main draw, due to chance.

The famous future considerations


Sean Monahan during a Canadiens game against the Pittsburgh Penguins on November 12.

Will we ever know what future considerations have gone down between the Calgary Flames and Canadiens in two recent trades? Last March, Michael McNiven was traded to the Flames for future consideration. Then in August Sean Monahan was traded to CH for future consideration. Why didn’t you say that Monahan was compensation for McNiven?

Mr. Adrien Cormier

Answer from Simon-Olivier Lorange:

Announcing “future considerations” is a polite way of saying that a team won’t get anything for the players it trades, because one GM is pandering to another. The two transactions you mention have no connection to each other, but they clearly illustrate two situations, that of a marginal player and that of a high income. McNiven, a minor league goaltender, no longer had a spot in the Canadiens’ organization and was likely destined for the ECHL. He only belonged to the Flames for three weeks before being traded to the Ottawa Senators for the same “future considerations.” As for Monahan, the Flames wanted to get rid of his heavy contract. General manager Kent Hughes was happy to help them out, but it cost them a first-round pick.

Who pays what?

When the players are away, are they fed and housed?

Luisa Belec

Answer from Simon-Olivier Lorange:

These elements are provided for in the collective agreement that binds the players to the League. Teams have a responsibility to house their players, in the same way that a so-called ‘ordinary’ worker probably won’t pay for accommodation along the way. For meals, a daily allowance is paid. When this collective agreement was signed in January 2013, this daily allowance was set at $100 per player, an amount indexed each year based on the US Consumer Price Index.

Pick up the broken stick!


Tampa Bay Lightning’s Nikita Kucherov (86) breaks his baton during a game against the New York Islanders in September 2020.

With four “striped men” on the ice, why not pick up the broken clubs and avoid injuries and accidents?

Jean Pierre Laberge

Answer from Guillaume Lefrancois:

This matter is indeed the good judgment of officials. They won’t stop following the action just to pick up a lost stick. On the other hand, if there is a punt, the umpire behind the game, while catching up on the action, may well go around and pick up a broken stick.

“It’s a security issue, both for the official and for the players,” said Stéphane Auger, a former referee, now an analyst for TVA Sports. We will also remember Brendan Gallagher’s heavy fall on the wing, on October 22 against Dallas, after the small right-back had put his skate on a broken post.

The ads are on the move!


There are static ads on the Bell Center tapes, which are seen by viewers on the site.

When you watch a hockey game, you see frequently changing ads. This is not supposed to be the case in the arena. Can you explain how it all works?

André Rivest

Katherine Harvey-Pinard’s response:

Digital track boards (digitally enhanced panels), introduced to the National League in October, uses artificial intelligence. Unsurprisingly, there is static advertising on the Bell Center tapes, which is viewed by viewers on the site. New technology now makes it possible to virtually erase it and replace it with television. According to an ESPN Network article published Oct. 3, there are five different areas that can be sold to sponsors, one behind the two networks and one in each of the three areas. A total of 120 30-second commercials were scheduled for each game. This new technology also means that each team can now sell ads when traveling abroad; thus, a Quebec viewer only sees ads for Quebec companies, even if the Canadians are playing Pittsburgh, for example.

Where does the voice come from?


Félix Auger-Aliassime at the IGA Stadium last August

I had the chance to witness a Félix Auger-Aliassime victory at the IGA Stadium, but noticed that the linesmen usually seen near the ball catchers at the back of the field were not there. Offline ball calls could be heard just fine, but I couldn’t see where the linesmen were positioned. Were they just replaced by the video recovery system?

bruno chocette

Answer from Nicholas Richard:

Your eye has not deceived you. In fact, at most major tournaments, such as Montreal, Center Courts are equipped with the Hawk-Eye system, eventually replacing linesmen. Even if you take away human resources, this system is more reliable and less fallible. The voice you heard was recorded and the OUT sounded when the ball fell outside.

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