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When the mules are not Prada

“Prison is not nice. »

Isabelle Lagacé, 34, doesn’t play the victim at all in docuseries Cocaine, jail and likes which the Crave platform dedicates to the luxurious 49-night cruise where she had fun, of course, but which ultimately landed her in an Australian penitentiary, where she languished for four and a half years for drug trafficking and importation.

Yes, Isabelle Lagacé knew that this “free” tour of the world served to “stir the gunpowder”. In exchange for $100,000, she agreed to board the Princess of the sea to pay off his debts, restore his credit rating destroyed by bankruptcy, and open a Vietnamese restaurant.

The three episodes of the series, offered Friday on Crave, show a lucid and direct young woman à la Anna Delvey, who does not try to take pity and who expresses herself in a franglais that a participant of the island of love. “We had a good time on the boat, don’t get me wrong,” she confesses to the camera, peppering her lines with “she was focused on the money”, “I let go” or “she was like numb”.

And to use reality TV vocabulary, Isabelle Lagacé was a party tanner, working “bottle service” at a restaurant-bar frequented by mobsters. When a client (whom she does not name) offers her a two-month cruise, she knowingly ignores all the red flags and packs her suitcase.

Neither an influencer, nor an escort, nor a porn actress, Isabelle Lagacé, then 28 years old, abandoned her lover, who was released from prison after being convicted of gangster, criminal concert and drug trafficking. We are in July 2016. Isabelle embarks on the Princess of the sea in Dover, in the south-east of England, in the company of an acquaintance, Mélina Roberge, 22, André Tamine, 64, a man named Michel Chiasson and two other men whose identity has never been revealed.

The rest of the adventure fed the tabloids for months. Isabelle Lagacé and Mélina Roberge, also known as “cocaine girls”, flooded Instagram with bikini photos, flirty selfies, white sandy beaches and colorful cocktails. Hashtag: live your “best life”.

What the “two sexiest criminals on the planet” didn’t know was that the average age of their ship’s passengers was 72. The two 20-somethings from the South Coast stood out in this older crowd and were already arousing suspicion: were they sex workers?

Cocaine, jail and likes effectively summarizes the case, but does not take it any further. Who financed and orchestrated this operation? Why is no one talking about the third defendant, André Tamine, who was trapped with more than 60 kilos of cocaine in his cabin, compared to around thirty for the two girls?

Crave’s docuseries focuses on the rational and detached testimony of Isabelle Lagacé, to which are added those of her father Jacques (very moving), her best friend, her ex-boyfriend, her lawyer, her aunt and various reporters.

Mélina Roberge, who today works at a boutique hair salon in Bromont, only appears in photos from the series. Isabelle Lagacé denied the “friend of hers” hers Mélina hers when the latter pleaded not guilty to the serious charges brought against her.

It was the “ultimate betrayal” – the ultimate betrayal – for Isabelle Lagacé who, for her part, admitted her guilt very quickly in the legal process.

Mélina Roberge, 29, told her version of this Hollywood ‘true crime’ story in the book Unfiltered, published in September. Basically, Mélina was sucked into this whirlwind because of her luxury tastes and her desire to enter the life of an influencer. glamor. As for a sugar dad, he loved Instagram likes and Louis Vuitton bags. Mélina Roberge also acknowledges her mistakes and accepts all the blame.

You will no doubt have seen Isabelle Lagacé, on Sunday night, in a particularly elevated edition of Everybody talks about it on Radio Canada. The general director of the municipality of Saint-Sévère, Marie-Andrée Cadorette, stole the show with her poise, her humor and her liveliness. What a lovely woman! There is clearly material for Bye in this crazy and complex story of cows on the run, who resist all attempts to capture them.

Guy A. Lepage’s set was full of interesting guests involved in the other discussions, including Xavier Dolan (and their expressive faces), Julie Le Breton, Patrick Hivon, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, Josée di Stasio, Félix Auger-Aliassime (in a pre-recorded interview), neurosurgeon Alexander Weil, Katherine Levac, Robert Frosi and Patrice Bernier. listening rating of the latter Everybody talks about it : 942,000 viewers.

Two TVA broadcasts once again exceeded the one million mark, that is, masked singers (1,623,000) and Revolution (1,041,000). At Noovo, 565,000 followers ofdouble occupancy he heard Jay Du Temple address the finalists as “friends” at least 45 times. Thank you friends, good luck friends, good night friends.

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