Colonel Parker by Kim Clavel

Colonel Parker by Kim Clavel

Elvis had Colonel Tom Parker, Celine Dion had her René Angélil, Kim Clavel had her Stéphan Larouche.

But don’t jump on the roof, Stéphan Larouche is embarrassed: “If you want, I’m Kim Clavel’s manager. But you could also say that I am an adviser or consultant. In fact, with Danielle Bouchard, who is his trainer, we try to supervise and plan everything so that Kim can dedicate himself to boxing and that he has the right to the best, ”explains Larouche.

It should be remembered for laymen that Stéphan Larouche is one of the best boxing trainers internationally. In Quebec, there’s Marc Ramsay and there’s him.

And it is still necessary to explain that Larouche is the wife of Danielle Bouchard, Clavel’s trainer. In other words, after looking Indefensiblewe risk talking about boxing and Kim Clavel before going to bed.

And it is known from the book by Pierre Gervais, what happens in bed, stays in bed.


This is the first time that Stéphan Larouche has allowed himself the title of coach. But in fact, he has always led the way with his boxers. Except, perhaps, Jean Pascal, who is always the boss in his relationship with a coach.

But with Lucian Bute, Larouche was the coach, the adviser, the friend, and often the confidante. It was he who convinced him to add a lavish retreat to his Florida home, it was he who sometimes took care of reservations or the details of life during boot camp.

And although he was still very young when he started with Stéphane Ouellet and Yvon Michel was omnipresent, Larouche always had something to say.

But with Kim Clavel, it is infinitely more. It is he who negotiates the contracts with the promoter Yvon Michel. He then sends the offers to Clavel. It is he who negotiates with the new sponsors, he who manages the busy schedule of a world champion. It is also with him that the author Katherine Harvey-Pinard negotiated access to the boxer to write a biographical book for young people.

In addition, Yvon Michel respects the clauses of the contracts, which is always good news for a boxer.

Stephan takes up a lot of space. And in fact, he always liked her.


But it’s hard to stop an old clown from making faces. It is even more difficult to prevent a coach of international caliber and passionate about his sport from getting involved in the training.

In fact, especially on the days when Danielle Bouchard is taken to her school, and with her consent, Stéphan allows himself to work on certain technical points with Kim: “Danielle trusts me and sometimes asks me for advice or opinions on the training. She pitched in the best I can,” she says.

In fact, Larouche controls the entire environment of Clavel. Danielle Bouchard concentrates on training, Kim only has to think about boxing and when everything is running smoothly, Stéphan Larouche takes care of everything else.

Even participation in Older brother :: “If it were done again, Kim would be better prepared to play the social game of the show. She believed that there would be many more physical challenges and competitions. Whereas a guy like Jean-Thomas Jobin knew the twists and turns of the show by heart,” Larouche notes with a smile.

But even though Kim Clavel was a little disappointed that she didn’t win the contest because she’s competitive by nature, Older brother she did a lot to boost her popularity: “She’s a lovely young woman, intelligent, kind, generous and even more so,” says Larouche, speaking of her… client.


A good final is two big names and an uncertain result. The GYM clan strongly highlights the value of Jessica Nery Plata.

It is ranked number one in the world by Boxrec, arguably the most serious boxing site after Laurent Poulin’s Boxingtown.

That being said, I watched several Jessica Nery Plata fights. As Stéphan Larouche rightly says, she is a Mexican who knows how to box.

Heart, courage and good technique. But Kim Clavel will never be the least bit worried about Miss Silver’s attack force. Forget it.

It was supposed to be tomorrow night. We should have been there around five.

The nightmare started last night. There will be no fight. Kim Clavel has the flu.

The colonel has left the building. Thank you and good night.


They’re not supposed to be there, but they are.

They’re not supposed to make the playoffs, but they’re right in the middle of the race.

There is no real renowned and credible “number one”, but they stop the discs.

They don’t have a defensive quarterback, but they put out the pucks like big three

There are only two explosive youngsters on offense and they’re not supposed to have depth. But there are no killables.

There is only one explanation left.

Martin Saint Louis…

Or Chantal Macabee.

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