Here are 9 confidences from Isabelle Boulay

Here are 9 confidences from Isabelle Boulay

“Our song in Quebec is one of our greatest assets, we have to fall in love with it!”

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Isabelle Boulay recently celebrated her 50th birthday at the Olympia in Paris. It is in this anniversary show that the singer will draw to create her next tour titled From America and France (in a nod to the song the most beautiful trip by Claude Gauthier). The newspaper discussed at length with the artist who will set off on the roads of Quebec and France in 2023. Here are 9 secrets from our Quebec diva.

1) Your tour From America and France in 2023

“It is a show that I have been thinking about for a long time and that is still in the space of dreams for the moment, explains Isabelle Boulay. I work on it a long time in advance, like an embroidery that you leave and pick up to work on it”. The interpreter qualifies this show as an amalgamation between his great influences: country-folk music and the great French songs. “There will be songs, but also stories, it’s a true encounter, with a slightly more daring sound, French songs treated to the American style, a little more rock and pieces from my repertoire”.

2) His new album scheduled for next March

“It will be a cover album by a high-flying French singer who has now passed away and who dreamed of America a lot,” the former coach explains to Voice in a mysterious way. She promises a very American repertoire, high-quality country rock and a very ambitious project of great beauty, of which she feels especially proud.

3) His 30-year career

“I don’t want to deny myself anything in the pleasure of making music, says the singer. The beautiful thing about doing this work for a long time is that the further we go, the more we find this more embodied side of music. Before I was very oriented to the texts, but now I want everything to occupy its space, the music, the vibration. Musicians are important, I like it when they all shine.

4) Be 50 years old

“For me it is a privilege to be this age and feel so young. The fact of having exercised this profession allowed me to keep my young look. It is still complex for a public woman to grow old. I want to give the image of someone who is like everyone else and who also ages, even though I also see myself aging on the screen and in front of the dressing room mirror. I embrace this process with great lucidity. I am much more casual and daring than before and I do not deny myself anything.

5) The least popular French song among young people here

“There may be work for parents, for example, going to see music shows in French with their youngsters, she believes. This is perhaps where social networks can become important, as well as the idea of ​​conferences and shows in schools. It has to go through education. Our song in Quebec is one of our greatest assets, we have to fall in love with it!”

6) 15 albums and 5 million records sold

“Sometimes I look back to see how far I’ve come and what makes me most proud are the links I’ve forged with people, authors and composers,” explains the artist. It’s precious for me to still be there, I still push the curtain before a show to see the people in the room and think I’m lucky. Even though I’ve been here a long time, my perspective on my work is still fresh. You have to do it in a noble way, all the time.”

7) Love at a distance

“It’s going very well, obviously,” laughs the singer who has a relationship with the French lawyer and politician Éric Dupond-Moretti. I will never be in a conventional way of life, even if I am attached to the essential things, to my home. When my lover comes to me, she can rest from her own life, like everyone else. I will always be a lover from a distance, it is part of our jobs, it is politics. I learned to live with it. Public professions come with a part.”

8) The new version of starmania presented in France

“The set design, costumes and lighting are masterful,” he says. the interpreter of Stella Spotlight It is one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard in my life. Marie-Jeanne, my character when I was young, is played by a guy who has a voice that really captivated me. She is a very pretty version that is close to the first in intention, with today’s media. She brought back some of the best memories of my career!”

9 Write Your Own Songs Someday

“Writing for me is one of the things that takes the longest. I like to wrap myself in songs that other people have written for me. I don’t have hindsight. I don’t rule it out, but only if one day I feel like I have to.”

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