It is worth noting the outbreak of Tage Thompson and Jason Robertson

It is worth noting the outbreak of Tage Thompson and Jason Robertson

The first quarter of the NHL season is already behind us. We notice throughout the league that there are surprises, disappointments, revelations… Like every year, basically.

In the last group that I have just mentioned, we can include the name of Tage Thompson. Yes, the great colossus scored 38 goals last season and had the best season of his career statistically. He finished the year with 68 points in 78 games…

But what he is capable of achieving this year is even more sensational. Thompson scores magnificent goals with enthusiasm and has 32 points (!!!) in just 24 games so far.

Just four days ago, he made his “classic” feint by bringing the puck backhanded to avoid the goalie and then depositing it into the net:

Tage Thompson is really becoming the star player we thought he was going to be. Need I remind you that he has been very, very good against CH so far this season?

The fact is that his evolution has been (a little) longer than expected and only now, at the age of 25, is he beginning to dominate the league.

Before his 21-22, 68-point streak, his best production in a season was 14 points and it came just the year before (20-21). He played 65 games in his first season in Buffalo in 2018 (remember, he was traded by the Blues)… But he also had to go through the American League the following season to fine-tune his development.

At 6’6 and 220 pounds, Tage Thompson is visible on the ice rink. He reminds me a bit of Juraj Slafkovsky in terms of size, and this is where I wonder if there is a link between the development of the Sabers player and that of the Canadian.

Because in fact, they are two players that look alike. Thompson is an attacking guy who likes to score goals and the same goes for Slave. Will it be as long before the Slovak becomes as dominant as Tage Thompson is at the moment?

The question deserves to be asked.

In the meantime, I invite you to review all the goals Thompson has scored so far this year. I tell you it’s worth the detour.

And Jason Robertson, him?

If there’s another one to impress this year, it’s Jason Robertson. And I am being generous in my words when I say that he impresses. Because if we are realistic, we have the right to say that the All-Star has literally been on another planet since the start of the season.

Yesterday, robot he finished the match with a hat-trick. Results? He scored his eleventh goal in the space of six games… And he accumulated his 20th, 21st and 22nd goals of the campaign. And the Stars have only played 24 games!

If we do the math, we realize that the second-round pick is on track for a… 75-goal season. We were delighted with Auston Matthews and his 60 goal season last year…

Imagine if Robertson is able to beat him!

Oh, and right now… The American is just four points behind Connor McDavid atop the NHL scoring. You have to, same thing.

We shouldn’t expect Robertson to continue his streak (although that would be great), but his start to the season is noteworthy.

And to think he was the 39th pick in the 2017 draft…

The Canadian had decided to choose Ryan Poehling that year. It’s easy five years later, but… oh.

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