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The giant pig in the sky

In the early days of the Internet for the general public, I’m talking about 1996-1997, a site from the world Wide Web announced a great discovery: the album dark side of the moon Pink Floyd was synced with the movie The Wizard of OzIt served as a soundtrack, in a way…

True, right?

My friend Jean-Michel Gauthier and I had repeatedly seen The Wizard of Oz synchronizing the movie with dark side of the moonand yes, by Jupiterthe coincidences between the action of the film and the rhythm of the record were impressive…

But the Pink Floyd boys have always denied synchronizing their best album with The Wizard of Ozto make a subliminal soundtrack1. Urban legend, therefore. No big deal, we thought so.

All this to say that I went to see the exhibition his mortal remains, about the life and work of Pink Floyd. I got chills during my visit to the Arsenal, less from the sight of the many great artifacts linked to the gang than from the nostalgic trip I took to my youth…

To be clear: Pink Floyd was already an “old” band when I was 17-18 years old, a band from when my parents were young. Like my parents, Pink Floyd were estranged for a long time as I came out of my teens; like my parents, Roger Waters and David Gilmour had a bitter divorce…

In the basement of my friend Martin Thibault’s parents’ house in Sainte-Rose, we listened to Pink Floyd records. He had told me—I was sure it was an urban legend—that Pink Floyd had floated giant pigs in the Olympic Stadium, when the band I had been in Montreal, not long ago…

In any case, we said to each other, whether the matter of the giant pigs is true or not, surely the Pink Floyd boys had written a few frozen songs and that they must have seen them, in their imagination, in a synchronized manner, these giant pigs.

I was fascinated by Pink Floyd’s rising music, of course, but mostly I was spellbound by the lyrics. I was coming out of adolescence, life made me anxious and scared, it was full of uncertainties and I was looking for a meaning to life, to my life.

The first Pink Floyd song that got me high was Learning to flyhyperrhythmic, in momentary lapse of reason. but it is with Weathersure dark side of the moona song about the passage of time, which made me fall in love with the lyrics of Pink Floyd.

And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking
Running to get behind you again
The sun is the same in a relative way but you are older
Shortness of breath and one day closer to death

Translated into French – You lack air and death approaches —, this sentence loses its musicality, its poetic density. I still don’t know, to this day, if it is an objectively perfect sentence or a sentence that was perfect for the melancholic young man that he was. I know it made me dizzy, I guessed this: hurry up, life goes by fast.

I remember the first time I saw the photo that adorns the album. I wish you were Here, I was worried: two men shake hands, one of them is on fire. It seemed that the guy on fire returned from the end of the world. At the exhibition, we learn that the photographer only had time to take a handful of photos before a gust of wind caught the specialist’s face on fire…


The exhibition his mortal remainsat Arsenal

I wish you were Here, let’s talk about it. It’s a perfect song about the dilemmas of life, about the choices we make. On the commitments, too, to which we give in. There is not a superfluous line in this magnificent song.

Did they make you trade?
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for the trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold consolation for change?
did you exchange
A walking part in the war.
For a leading role in a cage?

The last question – Have you traded an extra role in a war… for a starring role in a cage? — is picture perfect and perfectly written, by which I mean that after writing such a line, you can die: you worked on earth it is done, it is in the category of I am the ocean / Who wants to touch your footwithin Do you love me?by Richard Desjardins…

Die ? My friend Jean-Michel, whom I mentioned earlier, died before completing his worked on earth, that is, to become the best journalist in Quebec. He died in 2002 in a car accident and I cited I wish you were Here when I spoke at his funeral, in church, in Hull: How I wish, how I wish you were hereType…

(If you are reading this column, JM: your niece wrote to me the other day. I barely knew you, but the echo of your legend still lives… Your urn is in a forest of this Outaouais that you loved so much — If you can hear this whisper, you’re dyingas we heard at the beginning of The great concert in the skysure [notre] Dark side of the moon…)

This week, when the heir came home, I gave him a quick hug, the way you do with teenagers. He is more or less the age that I was when he was still looking for the meaning of life in the lyrics of the songs. For him, it is rap that makes him stumble. I suspect he cares about lyrics too. I suspect that he is looking for meaning in life, in his life. Don’t laugh, there is very good rap, each era has its own poetry.

But I digress. I wanted to tell you that when I got to the Pink Floyd expo, after paying my ticket — $50, it’s not cheap, but for the fansIt’s not stealing — what’s the first thing I saw of this exhibition? his mortal remainsat Arsenal?

Cristie, yes, the famous giant pig! She was floating, near the ceiling.

I took a picture of the pink pig, sent it to Martin Thibault, no comment. I looked at the photo, I thought: we were talking about this mythical pig, Martín and I, hey, what…

Shit32 years ago.

Shortness of breath, and one day closer to death.

1. ” dark side of the rainbow, the dark side of oz either floyd’s wizard are synonymous expressions that denote the association of the album The dark side of the moon Pink Floyd and the movie The Wizard of Oz released in 1939. At times the album appears in sync with the film, suggesting that it might have been composed for this purpose. Pink Floyd members deny any synchronicity…”

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