Fans around the world support Celine Dion

Fans around the world support Celine Dion

Throughout the day, fans from all over the planet have been writing to Celine Dion to wish her a speedy recovery. This is basically what they had to say.

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Here in Canada, as around the world, fans of the Quebec diva sent virtual messages to our beloved singer. These come from France to Italy via Brazil, the United States, Denmark and even Cuba.

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fan club support

In Montreal, Line Basbous, the Celine Dion fan behind the Les Red Heads Fan-Club (which has been in existence for over 15 years) told the Trunk be “I am extremely sorryby the news This is also the case for the thousands of members; fans from all over the world.

“It’s a shock to everyone, even if it’s not a surprise, because we knew something was wrong for a while,” he explained. We have just put words on what affects you, but the diagnosis of this rare disease is more serious than we imagined. Everyone is sorry and everyone is there for her, but we remain hopeful.

She also insists that she and all the fan club members have no particular expectations from her concerts. “For us, the important thing is that she takes care of herself, that she feels good and that she stays in touch with us, as a member of our family. We’re here for her.”

devoted fans

Good words for Celine Dion have multiplied on social networks. Her admirers wrote to him, in different languages, to express her love for him.

It hurts, I was watching the video and I was in shock, said Sandra Nault, a great admirer of the singer from her beginnings to this day. We see her, she cries, we see that she is in pain. A great star, a great career, a great illness: she really doesn’t do anything by halves. Her life looks good, but behind her there is a lot of work, many resignations and losses. It really hurts to see her like this! She’s not like our son, but almost. She is like part of our family. She showed all Quebecers what Quebecers were capable of.”

I would sacrifice my legs to see you again, to hear you sing and run from one end of the stage to the other! You, so dear Céline Dion, who in our lives so many times have made us rise through your words, your songs, your voice and your magnanimity.wrote a fan named Paul Upali.

Because Celine Dion was, is and will always be an iconic singer who has always known how to be closer to her audience, today WE, your admirers, in turn are and will always be grateful to you for all your beautiful songs, also in terms of the amazing person you are. Simple, sweet, kind and so loving.“Wrote a certain Alexandre Raym.

Take care, health is your priority. You have given us so much over so many years. The last few years have not been easy to get through. You must continue to be your priority and that of your children. We would rather know that he is in good health with his loved ones than sacrifice him for us on stage. Courage! ❤️❤️❤️,” wrote a fan whose virtual nickname is Virginie Jolie Rose decore.

We sincerely miss you dear Céline in France, you currently live with an extremely rare disease that makes you suffer martyrdom, take all the time you need to find the peach and heal yourself, we say health above all. You are a fighter, your video hurts, take care dear Céline“, shares Dominique Dhn.

Seeing you suffer makes us suffer too. We love you forever. This fight is our fight and you are going to win it without a doubt, because you are the best THE SHOW MUST GO ONshared a fan nicknamed Knight Anthony.

It’s good to give so much to people, but in the end what really matters is life, not the show, not the performance. Your body speaks to you, listen to it. Take care of yourself and tell yourself that you have already given a lot to your fans“wrote a fan named Emiol Capet.

Québec singer and great admirer of Celine Dion, Martin Théberge, told the Trunk: “If I had any advice to give Celine tomorrow morning, I would tell her to stop. She could take some time for herself, she’s done enough. I say this and yet I am a huge fan of Céline..”

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