The Backstreet Boys take a leap to Quebec

The Backstreet Boys take a leap to Quebec

The Backstreet Boys were in Quebec on Wednesday to talk about their new Christmas album, A very street Christmas. We got to talk to Nick Carter, AJ McLean and Howie Dorough.

Too bad there was no snow for the Backstreet Boys’ visit to Quebec to promote their Christmas album on the set of the week of the 4 joules. But memories of the winter in the province where their success was born, the group has plenty.

Kicking off with a show at the Molson Center in the middle of the ice storm! Our interview has only just begun when AJ McLean tells us that during one of the group’s many annual visits to Montreal at the time, a truck hit him on Sainte-Catherine street as he was leaving MusiquePlus, injuring his foot. “I remember you were wearing a boot while we were promoting,” Nick Carter tells him.


The Backstreet Boys on top of Mount Royal in 1997

Let’s be frank: the environment surrounding the industrial district of Varennes where the week of the 4 joules This tour was pretty depressing with the rain and gray weather, and all the security, to interview the Backstreet Boys.

Nick, Kevin, AJ, Brian and Howie didn’t have time for Christmas shopping.

They were alone in Greater Montreal for 24 hours with a marathon of interviews and performances. But as always, those who have a special relationship with Quebec were generous, friendly and accessible.

it has to be said thatA very street Christmas it takes very well when we can finally get together to celebrate Christmas. the 10me the quintet’s studio album was due to come out last year. “It’s for the best,” Nick said.

But why did it take over 25 years to have a BSB Christmas album? “We didn’t have time,” Howie explains. The forced stoppage of the pandemic gave us the opportunity. And now that we are family men with children, the motivation was even more there. »

“The recording was made a year and a half ago in California, continues who also made a lightning visit to Montreal last year to sing for Sonia Benezra in live from the universe. everyone had their wish list songs and put up decorations to get you into the holiday spirit. »

“We were able to work with some amazing producers and the album really showcases everyone’s vocal strengths,” Howie rightly says.

That is a cappella that the BSBs interpret winter wonderland. “We are first and foremost a vocal harmony group,” recalls AJ

The album includes one original track, Christmas in New York, whose music video was released on Wednesday. According to legend, Tony Bennett was going to sing the piece written by Gary Baker. “Kevin came up with the song and we weren’t sure at first, but with our voice now it’s my favorite on the album. It looks like the beginning of a Disney movie,” notes AJ.

For his part, Nick Carter is very attached to the recovery of last christmas of Wham!, which earned them congratulations from George Michael’s estate. “I grew up with this song and I have a memory of my daughter dancing as she took her first steps. She is very sentimental to me. »

Kevin and Brian (who were interviewed by another journalist while we were chatting with their three colleagues) wanted to revisit Dan Fogelberg’s classic Sam Old Lang Syne. “It’s a sadder song,” says AJ. “At Christmas, some people have a tougher time,” says Nick Carter, who recently lost his brother Aaron to him (and whose wish that we not talk about him we’ve respected).

As for the many tapas with doo-wop sauce, including white ChristmasHowie recalls that the BSBs grew up listening to R&B groups like Boyz II Men, The Temptations and Color Me. bad

The BSBs and Quebec

The Backstreet Boys had already given shows in Chicoutimi, Sherbrooke and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, but they had never set foot in the Studio Scène Éthique de Varennes. “On the way, I wondered where we were going,” says Nick Carter.

Let’s just say the Backstreet Boys know the Bell Center best, where they’ve performed… 19 times!

If the BSB were to accept the invitation of the week of the 4 joules, is that they have a deep attachment to Quebec, where their success was born. “Our fans here are loyal and we will always be grateful to them,” Howie says.


Howie Dorough, Nick Carter and AJ McLean

Last year, the group celebrated the 25me anniversary of their first album. Next year will celebrate the 30th anniversary of him. “You shouldn’t say it too much,” quips Nick, who hasn’t lost any of his boyish air.

What is the secret of the success of the only boy band what lasts? It is not so simple. “Every day, we seize the present moment. Perhaps by not being complacent, everything is still fresh, which explains our longevity. »

The relationship between the members of the group is better than ever, emphasizes AJ “Young people, we were excited, but anxious, and we had to meet. There have been dark times, but since our Las Vegas residency, I feel a Second Advent. »

“On tour, we’re on the golf course together on our days off. At night, we have dinner together and our families rub shoulders. It’s a new dynamic… In fact, we’re having a good time, and that’s all that matters! »

When we ask Nick, Howie and AJ when they will be 20me show at the Bell Centre, they reply: “As soon as possible! »

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