AMD RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX: price, release date, power, everything you need to know

AMD RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX: price, release date, power, everything you need to know

JV Tech News AMD RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX: price, release date, power, everything you need to know

All gamers are waiting for the new range of AMD graphics cards. After the release of Nvidia’s RTX 4090 and RTX 4080, gamers are eagerly awaiting whether or not they will have to move to the side of the red mark. The RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX release date is coming up, how about we sign up together?

What do the RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX promise us?

We start with the “less” powerful of the two with the RX 7900 XT. AMD announced during their Together We Advance conference that this model is therefore moving to the RDNA 3 architecture, completely changing us from the old generation of AMD graphics cards. All told, the brand believes it can outperform its RX 6900 XT by around 54% in terms of performance/watt gain. To give you an idea, this graphics card is intended to be the rival of the RTX 4080.

The RX 7900 XT benefits from 20 GB GDDR6 dedicated video memory and has an in-game frequency of 2000 MHz, or even 2400 MHz, which is simply huge (and it shows in consumption).. The gap continues to narrow between Nvidia’s and AMD’s RTX range at the Ray-Tracing level. While AMD graphics cards were very good in terms of power, they fell well below the RTX 3000 line for Ray-Tracing display. The RDNA 3 architecture offers a 50% increase in performance compared to the RX 6000 in all games available in Ray-Tracing.

For the RX 7900 XTX we always stay in RDNA 3 recorded in 5 nm by the expert hands of TSMC. This very high-end model wants to compete with Nvidia’s RTX 4090 which, if you’ve followed right, is literally the most powerful graphics card in the world, both in raw performance and in its contribution to DLSS 3.

This time, AMD is not kidding and offers a graphics card with 24 GB GDDR6 dedicated video memory with a maximum frequency of up to 2500 MHz. To give you an idea, the RTX 4090 takes off at 2520 MHz, very close clock frequencies between the two models.

Characteristic RTX-4090 RTX4080 RX 7900 XTX RX 7900 XT
CUDA Cores / Stream Processors 16384 9728 6144 5376
impulse frequency 2.520GHz 2.505GHz 2.5GHz 2.4GHz
video memory 24GB G6X 16GB G6X 24GB G6 20GB G6
broadband 1008GB/s 736GB/s 960GB/s 800GB/s
PDT 450W 340W 355W 300W

The RX 7900 XTX measures in at 11.7 inches, slightly smaller than the 12-inch RTX 4090, still carried.

These two AMD models are designed to run games in 4K and will benefit from FSR 3.0 technology, to compete with Nvidia’s DLSS3 (Deep Learning Super Sampling). Even if the processes are not the same between the two technologies, AMD intends to catch up by offering even greater resolution improvements than on the Nvidia side. Still, unlike DLSS 3, which is offered on RTX 4000 graphics cards, FSR 3.0 can be used on almost all recent models, and even Nvidia graphics cards.

As you may have understood, AMD has narrowed the gap between these models and the RTX 4000. At the time of writing, leaked benchmarks show a Geekbench 5 score of 228,647 points for the RX 7900 XTX, compared to 433,619 points for the RX 7900 XTX. RTX 4090… Obviously, nothing is certain as the models have not yet been distributed to testers. Of course, you will be kept informed of their releases.

A salty price, but still cheaper than at Nvidia

If AMD really wants to surprise users, it is at the price level. Nvidia has taken the path of “always more” posting exorbitant prices for the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090. With this end to the shortage of components, we all expect lower prices than for the last two years, but…

It was with the Chinese prices that the conversion to euros could be made. The RX 7900 XT should proudly display a “small” €1099. That’s around €400 less than Nvidia’s RTX 4080.

The Rolls-Royce of AMD-made graphics cards, the RX 7900 XTX starts at €1,333. But as you know, launch prices don’t mean much anymore, and PC component prices continue to rise despite a slight drop in mid-2022.

If you’re looking to build a new PC, or if you just want to upgrade your setup, technically, AMD offers the best performance/price ratio. We have not yet tested the two war machines of the red brand, but the first leaks and AMD’s promises, which are generally well fulfilled, risk overshadowing the chameleonic brand.

When will these high-powered AMD graphics cards be released?

Ho Ho Ho! AMD wants to mark the holiday spirit by offering to sell the RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX from December 13, 2022. Then you may find one under the tree, who knows.

AMD RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX: price, release date, power, everything you need to know

But beware, AMD has announced that the stock is going to be somewhat limited, particularly since custom models from other brands should not see the light of day before mid-January. If you want to get your hands on an RX 7900 ASAP, you’ll have to settle for a Founder’s Edition.

The prices can then be revised upwards during this period. We advise you to be patient and wait wisely for the tests in our columns, as well as the prices that the stores actually show to jump on you.

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