The Canadian beats the Flames... but loses Cole Caufield

The Canadian beats the Flames… but loses Cole Caufield

For the second time in 12 days, the Canadian stunned the Flames with a narrow 2-1 victory. A satisfying result, but one that doesn’t matter considering he lost the services of Cole Caufield.

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Heavily hit by Trevor Lewis early in the second period, Caufield went down heavily on the ice. Once he was on his feet, he went to the locker room, never to return.

Due to the violence of his fall, it’s arguable that the team’s top scorer would suffer a concussion, but assuming that would be risky.

“It’s always worrying when you lose your best scorer, Juraj Slafkovsky acknowledged after the game. I myself did the concussion tests twice in two weeks. [Caufield] He told me what the problem was. I think he’ll be fine. »

Analyzing the game, Martin St-Louis agreed. He didn’t seem like a very concerned coach. Furthermore, he was reluctant to point a finger at the Flames ahead.

“It happened quickly. I don’t know if it’s an accidental gesture or a bastard. Above all, I think they are things that happen on the spur of the moment”, declared the Canadiens coach, particularly satisfied with the work of his players.

Caufield is not the only one who has ended his evening in the infirmary. Chris Tanev also went there after receiving a shot from Nick Suzuki in the neck area.

Allen closes the door

As for the game, Josh Anderson forced overtime creating the tie in the second minute of the third half.• Read also: The advice of mom Slavkovsky

As was the case in Calgary, the Habs can thank their goalie. Once again, the Flames faced a Jake Allen in top form. Particularly during the third period, where threats from the visitors were highly supported.

Allen also had the better of the shootout. Frustrated by Jonathan Huberdeau, he held out against Rasmus Andersson and Nazem Kadri.

At the other end of the track, Suzuki, with his now traditional feint, and Kirby Dach frustrated Jacob Markstrom.

Huberdeau, with his fifth of the season, also scored the Flames’ only goal of the game.


Juraj Slavkovsky

He ensured a physical and intense presence On Josh Anderson’s goal, all the credit goes to him His head-on strike deep in territory, his one-on-one work and his patience with the puck set up the brilliant pass he served, towards enclave, to his threesome partner

Rem Pitlick

Despite the absence of Cole Caufield for almost two-thirds of the game, Pitlick rarely stepped on the ice. Nor did Martin St-Louis see fit to use it during one or another of the six numerical inferiorities his teammates had to face. sell

First period

no goal

Penalties: Hanifin (Cgy) 0:36, Armia (Lun) 3:03, Lewis (Cgy) 11:00, Mackey (Cgy) (turn) 13:54, Pezzetta (Lun) (turn) 13:54

Second period

1- Cgy: Jonathan Huberdeau (5)
(Backlund, Toffoli) AN-5:04

Penalties: Kovacevic (Monday) 0:53, Phillips (Cgy) 2:10, Dach (Monday) 4:00, Hanifin (Cgy) 6:51, Zadorov (Cgy) 7:11, Anderson (Monday) 11:32, Mangiapane (Cgy) 14:38, Wideman (Monday) 14:38, Suzuki (Monday) 14:38

Third period

2- My: Josh Anderson (8)
(Slafkovski, Harris) 1:40

Penalties: Day (Mon) 13:03


no goal

Penalties: Toffoli (Cgy) (doumin) 0:49


Montreal wins 2-1 Calgary (1): Huberdeau (goal), Andersson (miss), Kadri (miss) Montreal (2): Pitlick (miss), Suzuki (goal), Dach (goal)

net shot

Calgary11 – 18 – 6 – 0 – 35Montreal13 – 8 – 10 – 7 – 38


Cgy: Jacob Markstrom (PP, 8-7-3) Mon: Jake Allen (W, 9-10-0)

Numerical advantages:

Cgy: 1 in 6, Monday: 0 in 7


Michael Markovic Ghislain Hebert


Ryan Daisy Jonathan Deschamps


21 105

What we noticed…

wasted opportunities

During extra time, the Canadian was unable to take advantage of a four-minute numerical superiority. Earlier in the game, he also blew a five-on-three opportunity. Finally, the massive attack by the Habs ended the night 0 in 7. However, the Flames owe a debt of gratitude to Jacob Markstrom. During this extra time, he certainly saved four goals.

In possession of the disc

Before the game, Martin St-Louis recalled that his players had barely touched the puck in Calgary. They remedied the situation. Puck possession metrics from the Natural Stat Trick website indicated that the Canadiens had puck possession for 51.76% of the game at even strength. Which is significantly better than in the match on December 2 (33.68%)

Pezzetta with fists

Michael Pezzetta and Connor Mackey put up a solid fight midway through the first half. The Canadian forward prevailed over his rival, who stayed with a visit to the locker room.

Courteous welcome for Toffoli

As is the tradition for alumni who return to the Bell Center in a different uniform, Tyler Toffoli he was entitled to his tribute video. The crowd greeted him politely with loud applause.

tiny phillips

At the Flames camp, Matthew Phillips was playing the second game of his NHL career. The peculiarity of the 24-year-old striker? His 5-foot-7, 140-pound. According to research carried out by colleague Marc-André Perreault, from TVA Sports, only seven players who are lighter than him have evolved on the circuit, including Aurèle Joliat. He was about to score his first goal, but the puck hit the post.

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