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With a beating heart | Heartless, wife beater

He’s back, our good Christophe L’Allier (Roy Dupuis), with his Cocotte-brand shoulder bag, his city bike, his electric Communauto (when active transportation is impractical), his hair wrapped in a duvet, and his inexhaustible empathy.

And the new professional life of the star psychoeducator of Lifetime won’t slow down with a beating heart, the spin-off telenovela (the cleave) of the work of Danielle Trottier, which begins on Tuesday, January 10, at 8:00 p.m., on Radio-Canada. What Lifetime, with a beating heartof which I watched the first two hours on Wednesday, it turns out to be intense, moving, charged and hard to watch.

Especially the opening sequence of the series, where a young father, Yoan Bilodeau (Pierre-Paul Alain), nearly kills his wife Charlène Dufour (Laurence Champagne) savagely beating her in front of their 10-year-old son, Noah (Jayden Boyd). Our breath cuts us off, our heart stops us.

It is in this toxic universe of macho violence thatwith a beating heart it will submerge us in the next two years, minimum. After the mothers ofunit 9 and the children of LifetimeScreenwriter Danielle Trottier completes her family trilogy by focusing on violent fathers: why do they allow themselves to beat their wives?

A sadly current topic, that the team behind with a beating heartthe same as for unit 9 Y Lifetime, deals with intelligence, sensitivity and, yes, the necessary nuances. No, not all guys are trash, but yes, some of them cause massive havoc.

So, six months after leaving the Marie-Labrecque school, which housed pregnant teenagers, Christophe L’Allier dropped into the Center for the Prevention of Violence, a community organization in the suburbs near Montreal (we could be in Laval or in Longueuil) that helps men break the vicious circle of spousal or family violence.

Christophe L’Allier works at the Prevention Center with hard worker Roxanne (Catherine Paquin-Béchard) and the two colleagues co-hosting group therapies, with terrible coffee and dry biscuits. These social work scenes contain somewhat flat and didactic replicas of the genre: violence, stop here. It was not necessary to insist so much on the mission of the soap opera, the images and the situations speak (very loudly) for themselves.

The other main character ofwith a beating heart is crown attorney Gabrielle Laflamme (Ève Landry), who specializes in domestic violence cases. Tireless, brilliant, uncompromising and angry, Gabrielle kills herself on the job to keep bullies behind bars.

Very secretive about her past, Gabrielle Laflamme remains an enigma to those close to her and often plunges into the bottle of anxiolytics when her blood pressure rises. She and Christophe L’Allier fight for the same thing, with very different methods. She favors action, repression and he, understanding.

Their divergent visions will quickly be contrasted in the file of Yoan and his abused wife Charlène, who forgives her husband everything, because he is going through a bad patch, because he swears that he will not do it again, because deep down he loves him. .

There are beautiful characters in with a beating heart, starting with little Noa’s grandparents, camped by Marie-France Lambert and Roc Lafortune. They also don’t understand why her daughter insists on supporting and apologizing for the man who almost killed her. Danielle Trottier, who works at with a beating heart since 2019, revealed on Wednesday that a woman will experience seven cycles of violence before coming out of it. It’s a long time.

Among the regulars ofwith a beating heartthere is Detective Sergeant Fabien Gauthier (Maxime Mailloux), a simple and friendly police officer who will investigate the actions of a jealous and possessive police colleague towards his ex-spouse.

The first two episodes deal with cases of cyber flasher (unsolicited explicit photos), the verbal abuse of a semi-retired man (Denis Marchand) as well as the homophobia of a forklift operator, played by Robert Naylor.

Of Lifetimeonly Christophe L’Allier’s family follows him in with a beating heart. So, there is no trace of the director Tina (Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc) or the social worker Carolle (Marie-Chantal Perron). Christophe’s brother, Patrick (Jean-Nicolas Verreault), a jerk rehabilitated into a good cat, arrives in the second episode and will reveal information about the state of health of his stepmother Édith (Micheline Lanctôt), which will appear later. . in the season Inside Lifetimeremember, Edith suffered from advanced stomach cancer.

Christophe’s son, Rafaël (Félix-Antoine Cantin), will also appear in with a beating heart. if you followed Lifetimeyou also know that the L’Allier brothers’ little sister, Julie (Larissa Corriveau), committed suicide in prison, abandoning her two HIV-positive twin girls, Élodie and Mélodie, to the DPJ.

Christophe had refused to adopt his nieces and author Danielle Trottier warns us that the psychoeducator will have no more time in with a beating heart to cultivate your personal life. Similar observation for lawyer Gabrielle Laflamme: work monopolizes all her energy. We’re talking here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these two’s hearts beat at the same time and at the same time. It’s time for love to take its time, through the winds of January.

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