NHL: The Canadiens defeated by the poor Ducks in the Bell Center |  RDS

NHL: The Canadiens defeated by the poor Ducks in the Bell Center | RDS


MONTREAL – The Anaheim Ducks picked up just one slim victory in regulation in 30 games, but the Canadiens fell into that trap by losing 5-2 in front of disappointed spectators.

Here are our observations from this late-initiated meeting by the Habs.

another late awakening

Through four games, the Montreal Canadiens have been slow to produce offensively and cost dearly against the Ducks, who sit last in the NHL standings.

It is never desirable to use excuses in the sports world, but the Canadian had bowed the day before against the Senators.

Despite the fatigue, the idea of ​​recovering against the 32nd team at the Bettman circuit must have been enough to motivate the troops.

In addition, Martin St-Louis had said, before the match, that he had a good feeling for this duel. His protégés did not agree with him.

“A lot of lack of execution in the first half and too many passengers,” he said bluntly.

You can hardly argue because, through the first two periods, the performance of CH, who wore his light blue throwback jersey, resembled a part of the Expos when they were 20 games off the top of the division too early in the season.

“Our start was not good, we seemed asleep. We want to play well at home and this has not been the case recently ”, lamented Nick Suzuki that he was angry like Cole Caufield when meeting the media.

Caufield revives the crowd

Against the last team in the standings, the Canadian was plunged into a 2-0 deficit due to a more than normal start to the game.

But in the face of such opposition, and with a goalscorer of the caliber of Cole Caufield, everyone knew that the landscape could change quickly.

We had just discussed it with colleague Andrée-Anne Barbeau in the press gallery when Caufield had a blast with his 17th and 18th goals of the season in 3:26 of action.

Previously, the crowd had nothing to put in their mouths.

The Ducks, however, responded with three goals, the last two to empty nets, to secure the win.

Finally a power play goal

We kept you surprised for a few seconds, but Caufield’s first goal was scored on a power play.

This success ended a streak of 0 in 23 without success for six games, but above all the pressure felt on the shoulders of the CH players.

For this occasion, the work was beautifully executed. First, the work was hard on the recovery of the puck and the exchange was excellent and fast between Nick Suzuki, Jonathan Drouin, Kirby Dach and Caufield, who fired his shot on the reception.

Before this goal, we had the impression of listening to a record that skips over this topic so much that it came up in the discussions. Some fans must have been exasperated by this lack of production, as some may be listening to Christmas music on repeat.

After three failed attempts, the crowd could not contain their boos. The effort had only been convincing for a few seconds. In truth, the trust seemed shaken.

“It’s good to have this goal on the power play, but the previous attempts weren’t very good, we missed several games. We were not playing well enough as a unit and that explains our poor performance in the last few games,” Suzuki said.

It would be an understatement not to mention that the Ducks have the 32nd and thus worst performance in the NHL in manpower shortages.

Two Ducks goals in 28 seconds!

It has been described in many ways, the Ducks are not a power right now. However, they found a way to score two goals in 28 seconds in the first half.

Troy Terry, thanks to a magnificent delivery from Trevor Zegras, put the first on the power play.

At second base, Jake Allen was blindsided and therefore beaten by a throw that was going to be harmless from John Klingberg.

The Swedish defender returned with the winning goal in the third half. He took advantage of an unfortunate run by Jordan Harris who lost a battle in the corner of his box and, wanting to recover, hit his own keeper as the shot approached.

In the final third, the Ducks hit Allen’s uprights three times.

“We deserve what we have received, we did not deserve this match,” the coach concluded.

The famous retro sweater

Let’s finish with a light theme that still arouses passions on social networks. With a 0-3 record, it’s obvious the throwback jersey isn’t everyone’s favorite.

Even St-Louis has made no secret of its opinion on this issue.

“Yes, no…”, replied St-Louis with an answer that left no doubt.

On Saturday against Rayo, the Canadian will play his last game at home before a streak of seven games against courts.

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