Family and dignitaries pay tribute to Jean Lapointe

Family and dignitaries pay tribute to Jean Lapointe

The funeral was held at the Church of Saint-Viateur in Outremont, which was packed. Dad was very religious. A spiritual and religious approach and dimension is needed. That’s why we’re in a churchstressed Jean-Marie Lapointe, son of Jean Lapointe, in an interview with First the information.

Moving tribute to a giant who dedicated his life to enlighten others. Jean Lapointe’s funeral was held at Saint-Viateur d’Outremont Church in Montreal. Family, friends and dignitaries followed one another to offer him a ceremony in his image: generous and full of sensitivity. An artist of all talents, he knew how to touch the hearts of Québécois. The report by Marie-Josée Paquette-Comeau.

Several politicians were there, active or retired, including the former Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chrétien, who had appointed him a senator. He spoke at the ceremony, recalling the different facets of the man and his remarkable career as an artist.

But what can we also say about this humanist, who has done so much to help addicts get out of the pain of alcohol?added Mr. Chrétien.

Jean Chrétien.

Jean Chretien, former Prime Minister of Canada.

Photo: Canadian Press/Graham Hughes

In his tribute, the Prime Minister of Quebec, François Legault, recalled the great interpretation of Maurice Duplessis by Jean Lapointe. Jean Lapointe had all the talentshe pointed.

He knew how to touch the hearts of Quebecers. »

a quote from François Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec

He also fought against prejudice, including alcoholism. […], He confessed. He created the Maison Jean-Lapointe. Later, as a senator, he fought against the apparatuses [de jeu] video. So, there are millions of Quebecers who thank you today.

Francois Legault.

François Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec.

Photo: Canadian Press/Graham Hughes

The Quebec flag was lowered to half mast on the central tower of the Parliament building for the occasion.

Benoît Brière, actor and friend of Jean Lapointe, addressed the deceased directly in a vibrant tribute.

You literally reinvented the way of acting in Quebec film and television. […] There was a before and after Jean Lapointe.

With your disarming naturalness, your performance was at the limit of the documentary. […] What every drama school strives to teach, in your case, was instinctive and innateadded.

Benoit Brière.

Benoît Brière, actor and friend of Jean Lapointe.

Photo: Canadian Press/Graham Hughes

Family members, in turn, paid moving tribute to Jean Lapointe. His son Jean Marie fought back tears during the ceremony.

Our father has shown us in recent years that you can be beautiful while being vulnerable. He was able to let go, let himself be helped, and I even think he seemed to like being taken care of. that’s a lesson he said, recalling his father’s last moments at the Saint-Raphaël hospice.

Just before his speech, the voice of his sister, Anne Elizabeth, filled the church of St. Viateur as she sang a cappella. denounce my brotherthat Jean Lapointe sang in the movie The orders.

Plus tôt dans la cérémonie, Marie-Josée, l’une des filles issues du premier mariage de Jean Lapointe, a pris la parole, même si elle a dit avoir hésité à sortir de l’ombre, elle qui n’a pas grandi avec his father.

My father was a flawed, complex, multi-layered human being, as we all are. A man who will have overcome the ravages of his addictions more than once. A man who rose again and again to face the demons of him.said in church.

Jean Lapointe's family in the church.

Family members, in turn, paid moving tribute to Jean Lapointe.

Photo: Canadian Press / Graham Hughes

Jean Lapointe was known, among other things, for his talents as an actor, singer and comedian, as well as for his involvement in the fight against addiction and drug addiction. He also served in the Canadian Senate for almost 10 years.

On Thursday night, the population was able to pay their last respects to him during a funeral chapel organized by the family at the Saint-Viateur church in Outremont. A few hundred admirers turned out to honor his memory, as well as dignitaries like former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

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