One show a day to wait until Bye bye

One show a day to wait until Bye bye

He is afraid of spending the next two weeks mechanically hopping from one station to another while waiting for the Goodbye ? No panic. Between now and December 31, here’s one show per day worth watching.

Monday, December 19

True Nature – In the cabin for Christmas

Pending the return of regular broadcasts on January 15, Jean-Philippe Dion offers this special 90-minute broadcast in which he welcomes an unlikely trio: Garou, Marie-Claude Barrette and Naadei Lyonnais. According to the trailer online, the date will include tears (a classic), a festive tree decoration (Marie-Claude dancing, Jean-Philippe Dion posing the angel aloft with the help of Garou) and two “surprises.” guests: Marie-Ève ​​​​​​Janvier and Jean-François Breau.

TVA, 7:30 p.m. Retransmission December 25 at 9:30 p.m.

Tuesday, December 20


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas everyone!

The self-proclaimed queen of Christmas takes advantage of December to feed her legend with a special holiday concert. Recorded at Madison Square Garden in New York, her singing tour will include some classics from the holiday repertoire, including her timeless All I want for Christmas is you. Originally released in 1994, the song hits the top of the charts every year around New Year’s Eve. Let’s hope Miss Carey plays it with more energy and less. lip sync – that in November, during the Thanksgiving parade.

CBS | 20:00

Wednesday, December 21


John Krasinsky

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Three years later (due to a change of author and a certain pandemic), novelist Tom Clancy’s hero returns to service in this new eight-episode sequel. This time, Ryan (still defended by John Krasinski) lands in Rome to block a secret plan to resurrect the Soviet Empire. However, events take another turn and the spy is quickly accused of treason. There is a race against time to clear his name and, above all, to avoid a planetary catastrophe.

Prime Video (French version offered)

Thursday, December 22


Katherine Levac

Katherine Levac: fat

In this 60-minute performance, recorded while she was pregnant to the ears, the comedian addresses very personal topics, such as the advantages of being in a relationship with a woman, her date failed with a competitor bosses! and, of course, her pregnancy. Not being able to bring laughter to tears, her show entertains and puts a smile on your face. It should be noted that she is the lover of Katherine Levac, the filmmaker Chloé Robichaud, who directs this recording, offered since last summer at Crave.

Z | 20:00

Friday, December 23


France Beaudoin

it’s christmas to go

Little more than a week before offering his usual new years day live, France Beaudoin celebrates 2022 in an increasingly calm way by welcoming six personalities, who will share their Christmas traditions and, above all, their best reading suggestions: Richard Séguin, Caroline Dawson, Pierre Brassard, Sonia Vachon, Joséphine Bacon and Pier-Luke Funk. Since music is never far away, the host will also welcome Claudia Bouvette and Éléonore Lagacé.

HERE ARTV | 20:00

Saturday December 24


Melissa Lavergne and Normand Brathwaite

Beautiful and homeless on vacation

While Radio-Canada gets all the attention on New Year’s Eve, Télé-Québec does everything it can to own Christmas Eve. The station presents a special edition of beautiful and vagabond during which Normand Brathwaite and Mélissa Lavergne will receive Patsy Gallant, Roch Voisine, Maxime Landry, Annie Blanchard, Barbada, Barry Paquin Roberge, Clerel and Noé Lira. The evening continues at 9:30 p.m. with there are people at mass. Christian Bégin will welcome Shirley Théroux, Ricardo Larrivee, Garihanna Jean-Louis and Alexandre Barrette. For their part, Pierre Lapointe, Martin Larocque and Michel Fugain will push the note.

Tele Quebec | 20:00

Sunday, December 25


la la la

To highlight its great outcome, the Planète+ channel offers this delicious documentary by the French Éric Bitoun that covers the great history of musicals: from the kaleidoscopic delusions of Busby Berkeley from the 1930s to the most recent the the earth from Damien Chazelle to Singing in the rain, Cherbourg Umbrella, grease Y chicago. Accompanied by testimonials from experts and fans of the genre, including Michel Legrand and Patrice Leconte, this one-hour program contains a panoply of excerpts that will make many viewers want to see (or re-watch) dance and song movies to end the year. a high note

Planet+ | 7:30 pm.

Monday, December 26


Ariane Laniel, Annabelle Oliva-Denis, Julie St-Pierre, Pierre-Luc Blais, Frank Hudon and Emmanuel McEwan

Mixmania: 20 years later

Let’s go everyone, it’s time to catch up with this documentary directed by Bianca Gervais, which revisits the Mixmania phenomenon. It landed at Crave in June and brings together several competitors from the 2002 edition of the reality show: Ariane Laniel, Annabelle Oliva-Denis, Julie St-Pierre, Frank Hudon, Emmanuel McEwan and Pierre-Luc Blais, who had all acquired star status. of pop. within weeks. Lasting one hour, the meeting talks about the great success of the groups No Regrets and Urban Defense, which had performed four times (!) at the Bell Center and had sold 200,000 records.

VRAK | 21:00

Tuesday, December 27


chelsea manager

Chelsea Handler: Revolution

Today comes the recording of Chelsea Handler’s last individual show, Vaccinated and Horny (free translation : vaccinated and horny), which has been touring throughout North America since the summer of 2021. In Nashville, before a pre-won audience, the American comedian addresses a wide range of topics with her usual frankness: her dogs, her condition as a single woman without children , her overbearing family, men who wear flip-flops, her love of skiing, and how she managed to quench her libido in the middle of a pandemic.

Netflix (version with French subtitles available)

Wednesday, December 28


Daniel Craig

Glass Onion: A history at odds

With its perfectly drawn plot, the first chapter of knives out we were pleasantly surprised in 2019. Which is why we eagerly await its sequel, which opened in select theaters in November. Good news: critics seem to have loved this second chapter written and directed by Rian Johnson, in which intrepid detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) travels to Greece to solve a mystery involving a new panel of colorful suspects defended by Edward. Norton, Janelle Monae, and Kate Hudson.


Thursday, December 29


the three agreements

Les Trois Accords: Live the pleasure

Directed by Louis-Philippe Eno, this film released in theaters in spring 2021 is the perfect antidote to the post-Christmas and New Year blues. For 90 minutes, the quartet made up of Simon Proulx, Charles Dubreuil, Pierre-Luc Boisvert and Alexandre Parr performs 18 songs surrounded by huge screens, through which images that illustrate each one of them scroll. Detail to mention, the group administers a shock treatment to certain classics, such as Hawaiian, his name was sergio Y saskatchewan. the happening The musical continues on Friday, at the same time, in the same position, with Guylaine Tanguay, who offers a pop vigil with Kim Richardson, Marie-Ève ​​​​Janvier, King Melrose, France D’Amour and Sara Dufour.

Tele Quebec | 20:00

Friday, December 30


christina morency


Like many channels, Z is taking advantage of the Christmas season to offer some bursts. Today is the turn of Tightrope, this series directed by Christine Morency that tests the limits of humor. In each episode, three comedians deliver an original number articulated around the same theme (feminists, mental illnesses, drag queens, politicians). A jury then gives their opinion and chooses their preferred approach. Among the artists of stand Who will walk under the spotlight in one of the eight programs that will be broadcast this afternoon, we point out Ève Côté, Olivier Martineau, Maude Landry, Philippe-Audrey Larrue St-Jacques, Virginie Fortin and Mehdi Bousaidan.

Z | 2:00 p.m.

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