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Reasonable doubt | Alice in the land of monsters

I watch so much TV in a year that I forget a lot. Not because it’s bad or unpleasant. Just because the hard drive, too full, overflows.

A recent concrete example? The first season of Reasonable doubtthat I swallowed at once in October 2021, on Extra de Tou.TV.

How did this detective thriller end already? Great memory span. Who was the killer of Simona Clark (Karelle Tremblay) with whom policewoman Alice Martin-Sommer (Julie Perreault) left in a taxi in the last episode? Without memory.

It is crucial to know this, because reasonable doubt 2 returns to the airwaves of Radio-Canada on Monday, January 9 at 9 pm in a more effective, more fast-paced and more compact format. I liked the first season, I prefer the second. At least, according to the two chapters (out of a total of ten) that I saw on Monday.

So here’s the whirlwind summary. the maniac of Reasonable doubt His name is Henri Nelson (Tobie Pelletier). The green eyes, the smelly Christmas tree hanging from the rear-view mirror, the clandestine poker games at the Hotel Gaïa, it’s crazy Henri Nelson. And Alice fell into a hole, no, she fell into the clutches of the psycho, that is to say a black SUV that has been repainted and is headed for the South Shore.

Here we are, paraphrasing RBO in the era of the fake soap opera. discord.

This second season of Reasonable doubt starts on new foundations, starting with the creative team. Screenwriter Danielle Dansereau has been replaced by Annabelle Poisson, Pierre-Marc Drouin and Geneviève Simard, while director Claude Desrosiers, busy on fragmentswas pointed out by Jean-Philippe Duval (All life, with a beating heart).

Also, the Sex Crimes Intervention Group (GICCS) is moving into a new location, into a real police station (finally!) and not some weird loft.

While passing the broom, Pascal Alario (David Boutin) comes out at the head of the GICCS, it is Commander Alex Dorcely (Benz Antoine) who today leads this specialized cell.

The character of Abigaëlle, played by Nadia Essadiqi, aka the artist La Bronze, has been cut from the script. It must be said that the actress did not help her cause by posting on Instagram, last January, a photo of her in a police uniform. Reasonable doubt with the mention ACAB, which means “all policemen are bastards”, all policemen are bastards. Julie Perreault, Fabienne Larouche’s producer and Radio-Canada had to publicly disassociate themselves from this dubious and unreasonable photo, in fact.

Another sacrificed role: that of Jo (Charli Arcouette). the plot of reasonable doubt 2 squeezes around the two heroes, Alice and her colleague Fred (Marc-André Grondin), father of a 5-year-old girl in the series. Lucie Robert (Kathleen Fortin) remains on hand, and quick-witted rookie Charline (Gabrielle Poulin B.) rounds out the team.

Now we can embark reasonable doubt 2 without having seen the first ten episodes? Yes, it is possible, but you may lose important references. Note that the flashbacks show the assault Alice suffered when she was 13 years old.

Also, the gun that Alice is carrying in the hellish taxi belongs to her comrade Fred. Because Alice had been suspended at the end of the first season and her service pistol had been confiscated.

The first survey of reasonable doubt 2 It deals with the attack on a 75-year-old widow, Pierrette Granger (Louise Turcot), in broad daylight, in her own home. The lady was kidnapped and her safe emptied. It was the housekeeper Mathieu (Jacques Lussier) who found Pierrette naked, hiding in a closet, completely terrified.

Since the housekeeper has the key to the residence, she automatically falls on the list of persons of interest. Also, she freezes on benzos and opioids. And she knows that her client is rich. Is rare.

Police also suspect M’s nephewto me Granger, camped by Roc Lafortune, for having wanted revenge for a fight that deprived him of a large inheritance. This strange nephew, and lover of Gustave Courbet-inspired erotic collages, has a few surprises in store for viewers.

Obviously, reasonable doubt, it’s Alice who unlocks her secret room, dons her mischievous costumes, and begins her second job as a “cam girl.” One of her clients, a university professor played by Jean L’Italien, will inadvertently push her into a pedophilia story involving prostitutes.

Later in the season, Reasonable doubt will explore marital rape as well as assault in the world of burlesque. Two disturbing films deposited in the clandestine network (dark web) will also mobilize the GICCS.

After two episodes of Reasonable doubt, we feel like launching into the sequel, which was not necessarily the case with the first season, more cerebral I would say. Radio-Canada strongly believes in the potential of Reasonable doubt and has already ordered a third season. Understand: you can dive into this bleak universe without anyone logging out before the actual end (hello, Hotel VAT!).

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