Anthony Richard: A huge wave of support for a frontline role

Anthony Richard: A huge wave of support for a frontline role

Anthony Richard is having a wonderful season with Laval Rocket. This means that, for weeks, many people have requested the withdrawal of the Quebecer.

It happened in the last few days… and he did well in his first game.

The interesting thing is that Richard is a player in the image of what CH is looking for: he is talented and fast. These are two qualities that Kent Hughes (Richard’s former agent, by the way) often stressed when he came into office.

Is Richard the most talented of all? No. No one is on the level of Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, which puts an end to the debate before you’ve even started talking about it.

But nobody asks him to be the most talented or to allow CH to have another Richard at the heights of the Bell Center. The only thing we want from him is for him to be able to generate offense and help the club.

But for that, does he have to go through presences in a more attacking trio? Maxim Lapierre would even consider having him play in the club’s front line for the future.

During his game against the Coyotes, he did so well that he received a promotion in the third quarter: he went to play with Jonathan Drouin (who has done well at center since his return) and Josh Anderson.

Thus, he dropped the fourth line made up of natural markers like Jake Evans and Joel Armia and it was Juraj Slafkovsky who suffered.

However, during yesterday’s practice, the Québécois regained his place in the club’s fourth unit. Will it still be like this tonight? That remains to be seen, but it is likely.

The thing to remember from all this is that Richard must earn his place. He must continue to work hard to not only stay in the lineup, but also to have a choice role.

But he can count on significant media support for a pick on an offensive line.

In addition to Lapierre, Michel Bergeron called for Richard, who has better vision than Josh Anderson and could complement the play of the Canadiens’ two best forwards, to be placed on the Canadiens’ front line.

He’s not the only one. Bob Hartley, before his first game with the Canadiens, was among those who wanted to see Richard put in the front line. Monday’s game certainly didn’t change his mind.

Stéphane Waite, without necessarily talking about the front line, wants to see him get a real chance on a more offensive line.

It is clear that the CH has many attackers and understands the reality of « mettre des joueurs dans la vitrine », but to a certain point, that ça passes by the first trio or by a deuxième trio, the CH does not lose his laugh ‘try out.

After all, on the front line, apart from Kirby Dach, no one has been successful this season. It costs nothing to try if Dach returns to center tonight…which I doubt given the way Jonathan Drouin is playing center. I have a feeling Dach will be on the wing tonight.

I expect the Canadian to start the next game on the fourth line, but he might still qualify for tryouts for the rest of the stuff.

He will have to do like Monday: make himself indispensable. And if he plays like Monday, he’ll have a chance to put himself in a more offensive trio. I liked watching him with Drouin and Anderson, me.

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