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The Emperor | 2005, that distant time!

That dreaded TV moment, which collectively ages us by 102 years, just happened. Half of the miniseries The emperor de Noovo is set in 2005, which theoretically categorizes it as a period series, requiring rigorous historical reconstruction.

Yes Yes. As Ovila in Caleb’s daughters that heated the bricks for the cart, the year 2005 arrives with its fashions and customs, which no longer exist today, thank God.

Inside The emperorTaking off on Wednesday, January 11 at 8 pm, on the airwaves of Noovo, characters from 2005 dance to DJ Champion, drink cosmos, spin molecular cuisine, tap BlackBerrys, or flip flip phones.

In 2005, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram did not exist and, in this period, posting sex and the city it was great and encouraged women to be “one of the guys.”

this is where it starts The emperor by screenwriter Michelle Allen (Runaway, for Sarah), which narrates in nine one-hour episodes the construction of a sexual offender who is all the rage in the advertising world. The plot thus dances between 2005, where he strikes for the first time, and 2015, where he falls from his pedestal. Willingly, the author planted her story before the rise of the #metoo movement.

And what confronts in The emperor, is that the aggressor is not a slimy and repulsive old man or a pygmy uncle with wandering hands. The troublesome man – the emperor of the show’s title – is named Christian (excellent Jean-Phillipe Perras), the recruit for a large advertising agency run by Antoine (David Boutin), an old-school boss, the one from 2005, who loves cocaine and sexy. girls in soap opera commercials.

In a relationship with the perfect Olivia (Geneviève Boivin-Roussy), Christian prepares to be a father. He is bright, kind, gentle, charismatic, attractive and falls in the eye of the agency’s receptionist, Manuela (Noé Lira). After a dusty and drunk party, Christian accompanies Manuela to her apartment and forces the note, in a gray area, to sleep with her. An accident, a mistake, pleads Christian.

Ten years later, in 2015, where the other half of the miniseries takes place, Christian floats on a huge cloud of success. He runs a mega ad agency and has even opened a rest home for parents of sick children. A true saint, what.

But shortly after a social event led by Christian, oops!, a first woman reports him to the police for rape. Another victim appears. And other. Christian’s world falls apart and his aura loses all its power. How could he have operated himself for all these years with impunity and omerta?

The heart of the story The emperor is there. But it’s not easy to articulate nine hours of television about the founding myth of an aggressor, it must be said. The first episode, cleverly directed by Adam Kosh (another story), it is not the best and it does not attract our attention. We wonder what Michelle Allen wants to tell us and why we should put the rest of the series on a man who will shamelessly multiply his prey.

Fortunately, the second episode ends with a bang, making us want to watch the third. Positive point: this series brings together excellent actors like Madeleine Péloquin, Jean-François Nadeau and Macha Grenon, perfect as the boss of her time, like Marie-France Marcotte in before the accident.

but it lacks The emperor an effective hook to hook us firmly and pull us towards the end. That being said, it’s not bad. However, it is not of the caliber of Mascotwho brilliantly tackled an equally touchy topic this fall.


Naila Louidort

Other celebrities revealed

Nostradumas feels generous, a few days away from Christmas. These are the names of two Quebec show business personalities who are likely to enter the house of big brother celebrities 3according to my spies.

First person: the actress Naïla Louidort, whom we discovered in the soap opera Lifetime on Radio Canada. The young actress then chained the roles in crack 2.5me Rank, Chaos, The Red Bracers Y The emperor. It is also surprising that she chooses to temporarily take a break from filming television to participate in a reality show. Your agency did not respond to my interview request.

Second potential candidate: actor Martin Larocque. would be the actor district 31 (he played criminal Donald Welsh there for two years) who would be the father figure in the home studio. His agent has not given any news either.

Naïla Louidort and Martin Larocque thus join singer Olivier Dion, comedians Anas Hassouna and Jérémy Demay, drag queen Mona de Grenoble, actress Marianne Verville and designer Marie-Christine Lavoie, who are the subject of intense speculation, according to my moles .

Only the participation of Benoît Gagnon, Natalie Choquette and Korine Côté have been confirmed for the production so far.

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