“High on Life”, a little more than a joke

The game “High on Life” will not make everyone agree. But if one adheres a little to the humor of the television channel “Adult Swim”, it would be a mistake to miss it.

In recent years, it has been difficult to escape the phenomenon Rick and Morty. This “adult” cartoon series created by justin roiland and dan harmon It quickly established itself as one of the most vulgar and irreverent series on the audiovisual scene.

This success owes a lot to the dubbing of the great Roiland, as well as to the “sci-fi” setting that explores space and many parallel worlds, each one more arid than the other.

The setting of the game “High on Life” does not fly very high and yet it is without a doubt one of the most pleasant games to navigate this end of the year.

So when he found out that squanch gameJustin Roiland’s studio, was working on “High on Life”, a space shooter in which the weapons, sensitive and especially talkative, would be interpreted in particular by the co-creator of “Rick & Morty”, the planet of video games. he raised an eyebrow, curious.

like the series, “High on Life” continues with the tasteless jokes. The game assumes its condition of “game-joke“Above all. You only have to look at its synopsis to be convinced of it… The holidays look good. As soon as the parents leave the house, the console works at full speed and a retro shooter is but the latter is quickly interrupted by the older sister who intends to take advantage of the house by organizing an evening worthy of “Project X”.

“High in life”, synopsis.

Talking and crossed out weapons

Plus, she’s already pulled the drugs and is getting a first rail. The week is going to be epic. But obviously it was without counting the landing of an army of extraterrestrials in the residential suburbs where they live. Instead of illicit substances prized on Earth, the latter prefer drugs endowed with consciousness. And, bad news for humans: smoking them gets the aliens high, seriously.

While trying to escape these drug-addled aliens, our character, a nondescript teenager, luckily gets a talking gun. In the galaxy, walking around with, as a weapon, an alien species, a Gatlian, is not very surprising.

This strange alliance between a human and a weapon endowed with feelings and that speaks badly and badly with the distinctive and wavering voice of Justin Roiland will allow the two teenagers to escape in extremis and teleport to the family pavilion in the middle of a “Bling” place, an alien and futuristic megalopolis where all kinds of aliens inhabit the races they rub shoulders

After a quick investigation, we learn that it is the “G3” drug cartel that has taken the earth by storm, to start trafficking this new trendy drug that is humans. Wanting to stop them and save the planet, we embark on an impromptu career as a bounty hunter to take down one cartel officer after another.

If you’re allergic to regressive humor, better move on.

The setting of the game “High on Life” does not fly very high and yet it is without a doubt one of the most pleasant games to navigate this end of the year. As long as we’re sensitive to this vulgar, vulgar form of humor we often find on cable channels like “Adult Swim.” However, if you are allergic to regressive humor, better go direct. Especially since the game doesn’t benefit from the science of measuring the best episodes of the series.

In the same way, the long and incessant monologues of the Gatlians run the risk of leaving a good part of the public on the ground. Fortunately, there is an option to reduce the occurrence of these speeches. A feature that certain blockbusters like “Horizon Forbidden West” or the more recent “God of War Ragnarok” would do well to be inspired by.

Beyond its funny dialogues due to the twists and the constant logorrhea and without falling off weapons, secondary characters and enemies, the game manages to shine in certain original situations.

A classic shooter

Beyond his funny dialogues due to the air currents and the constant logorrhea and without falling off the weapons, secondary characters and enemies, the game manages to shine in some original situations. Special mention in the passage where he replaces an administrative employee to seal a bunch of unimportant documents. Flashes of genius unfortunately too rare.

Most of the time spent in “High on Life” is actually watering down waves of enemies using one of the few “gatlians” in our arsenal. During these phases, the title isn’t a bad shooter, but it rarely fails to be bland. Sometimes it’s even exhausting because it’s repetitive.

Fortunately, outside of combat, it offers some form of scouting since the weapons have a secondary fire: Grab onto a wire to transform it into a zip line, or launch a puck around the stage to use as a platform to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Alien environments force, “High on life” has the merit of disorienting. At first, at least. Because beyond the pleasure of discovering, the game has the bad idea of ​​recycling its environments and does not hesitate to visit the same planets. A bit redundant after a while.

It’s hard to advise “High on Life” to anyone. Flawed on many points, however, it manages to make us laugh on a regular basis. And very few games achieve this.

Available on PC and Xbox console,

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