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Say woof woof to Emily in Paris!

The fans or the hostages? – fromEmily in Paris You will immediately decode this cryptic phrase, phonetically transcribed: Fairy Island Tray Show at the Biurow!

Translation for monolinguals who don’t speak Newspeak of the popular Netflix romantic comedy? It’s very hot in the offices of the Savoir marketing agency, or the Savwouâre agency, the Parisian workplace where the elegant Emily Coupeur, eh Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), shows off her designer clothes in the colors of Froot Loops.

And there’s no point in praying to Notre-Dame anymore: our American fashionista’s French, even after three seasons that have all been hits on Netflix, will never improve. It’s hard father-dou. In his mouth painted coconut red, Chanel very well becomes “tré bienne”, Benoît becomes “Benne-wa” and Luc becomes “Louque”.

Wow, wow, you talk like that, Emily Cooper. As a girl from the Midwest who asks for “una ceurvéssa” in Los Cabos, thank you good night, and that she makes no special effort to become a daughter of the country.

Despite his butchered French à la McBaguette, Emily in Paris It’s still good ultra-light and very catchy entertainment, offered in French and English. It’s a rousing whirlwind of French pop music, rainbow hats, and macaroni-sweet intrigue.

La troisième saison, la meilleure jusqu’à présent, a éliminé plusieurs irritants des chapitres précédents, dont a) les publications ridiculouses d’Emily sur Instagram et b) les personnages français qui se parlaient en anglais entre eux même quan un anglophone n’apparaissait in the frame.

We gulped down the ten half hours ofEmily in ParisIt’s like an espresso at the corner cafe. We devoured the episodes, which have funny titles like Formerly in Provence – to ogle the daring fashion that sometimes dresses Emily on a couture wedding cake. I love it, to quote Dior.

And if we’ve grown so fond of this zany and neat comedy, it’s largely thanks to the magnetic presence of actress Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, aka chic boss Sylvie Grateau, whom smiling Emily constantly calls Only Life.

A PR professional, this perfectly bilingual Sylvie perfectly embodies the elegance and intransigence of the preppy Parisian, who never puts down her Galaxy Flip laptop and cigarettes. If Emily shines like a little sun that grows in the long run, Sylvie never hesitates to shower her with the rain of a pragmatic fire extinguisher. In the limit, the derivative shows Silvia in Paris would work even better, but hey.

Let’s go back to leading lady Emily Cooper, who cuts her hair while drinking rosé wine in the season three premiere. Ooh la la, do you grasp the full power of this non-trivial gesture? In sitcom parlance, the appearance of bangs on screen means our enraged heroine is losing control and inviting chaos into, oh yeah, her overrated life.

This will be followed by a series of adorable blunders and hilarious misunderstandings that Emily will obviously recapture with a brilliant marketing idea, whether it’s for gooey sunscreen or lavender perfume that seems to smell like exhaust. .

Of course, the sexual tension between Emily and young chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) still runs as high as the Chicago millennial’s technicolor wardrobe with Rosemont’s cheekbones. And obviously this matter of the heart will not be resolved by shouting “Maison Lavaux”. Producer Darren Star, the manitou behind sex and the citykeeps solid material, hum hum, for the fourth part.

This visually stunning candy series debuted in the fall of 2020 as pandemic entertainment that teleported everyone on Earth to the bustling streets of Paris (and no, they don’t look like the ones in the movie). ratatouille). Since then, the phenomenon Emily in Paris Exploited and prestigious sponsors appear in its corny plot, among which are McLaren cars, Rimowa suitcases, Tiffany jewelry and the Ami clothing brand.

Surrounding Emily and her gigantic cell phone case, supporting characters finally take the lead, including roommate and singer Mindy (Ashley Park), who finds work at the legendary jazz club La Trompette Bleue, a name the actors Americans and British will never pronounce correctly. in ten episodes. It’s annoying.

Still on the embarrassing side, Chicago CEO Madeline (Kate Walsh), aka Addison Montgomery in Grey’s AnatomyHe plays very, very big. Even in something wacky and crazy like Emily in Paris, it sticks Like a little croissant crumb stuck in the windpipe.

But nothing that a good shot of “champère” or “chamère” won’t fix, bienne soure! (meaning, of course, in Emily’s lingo).

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