Nathalie Simard admits to having been afraid of losing her place in the artistic world

Nathalie Simard admits to having been afraid of losing her place in the artistic world

Nathalie Simard says it right away: she has never felt so good in her entire life! Well in his mind, in his heart and in his body, as if all the stars were perfectly aligned so that he could flourish in all areas of his existence and take on new challenges.

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Nathalie, how did you end up participating in the Sortez-moi d’ici program, which will be broadcast in February?

I received an email from production. My first reaction was: “Never again!” I told myself that I had had enough and that I would not impose one more difficulty on myself! It was my husband who told me: “You can go meet the production, just to get more details. Then, if your answer is still no, at least you’ve made an informed decision!

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He was right?

Much! You know, in the past, my confidence has been shattered. But I can’t doubt everyone all the time and stop moving forward for fear of getting hurt again. Today, I try to give benevolent people a chance, and that’s exactly what I did with the production of Sortez-moi d’ici! I understood that the goal was not to make me look bad. It was the complete opposite.

What were your fears?

I was taken out of school very early and I know that I have gaps in terms of general knowledge. I’m not shy about talking about it openly, because many people are like me. They have been in school for a short time for different reasons: ADHD, dyslexia, etc., and that does not make them less intelligent. Going back to the show, I was worried that there would be quizzes. I know my abilities, but also my limits, and I didn’t want to embarrass a teammate. But they told me that the challenges were fun, based above all on mutual aid, team spirit and self-improvement. That speaks to me!

Jumping out of a helicopter mid-air, hanging over a ravine, entering a box full of rats, sleeping in the jungle under the stars… it’s quite a challenge!

This show comes at an excellent time in my career, because my feet are firmly entrenched in my personal life. I was married in Lévis for almost 15 years, we lived in the same region, Mauricie, for 10 years, and in the same house for 6 years: it is a longevity record on all levels for me! Being able to count on this stability allows me to get out of my comfort zone, to take on professional challenges, such as participating in Sortez-moi d’ici. 10 or even 5 years ago, I would not have been able to participate in this reality show.

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Why then?

For too long there were two Nathalies: one in private and one in public. The mere idea of ​​being filmed 24/7 without hair or makeup would have traumatized me. Today, I am the same no matter where I am or with whom. And it is driven by this authenticity that I embarked on the adventure Get me out of here! Showing myself as I am is above all a magnificent gift that I have given myself.

You are obviously in a good period of your life. To what do you attribute your successes?

Not long ago I had the impression that they had put me on the shelf, that they no longer wanted me in the art world. But looking back, I realize that I myself had put up barriers. Since I took the lead, which I allow myself to dare, many nice things come to me.

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Do you have an example?

Clear! I contacted TVA Publications to pitch a cookbook idea for people who, like me, have had bariatric surgery. After this phone call, I was asked to write a column in La Semaine magazine and even publish my own magazine Simply bien with Nathalie. If I had not taken the initiative to propose a project, this magazine would probably never have existed.

You also do radio!

Yes, another great adventure! After Vos midis avec Nathalie and Country Pop on my return, I will take on a new challenge in January: hosting Country Pop at work. The show will be broadcast everywhere in Mauricie, and even beyond, as people from all over Quebec can listen to the station on the internet. Radio gives me discipline, stability and security. At 53, as much as I love my ordered life—getting ready, hosting the radio, then coming home to dinner with my husband—I like to get butterflies when I take on big challenges, like participating in Get me out. from here! Basically, I find my happiness between comfort and adrenaline! (laughs)

You and Lévis will celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary on March 9!

Already 15 years old, time flies so fast! We often tell ourselves that we are together for better and for worse, that the worst is over and the best is yet to come. Janette Bertrand once compared the thrill of starting a relationship to climbing Mount Everest. You get to the top fast! But, even if it’s exciting, you can’t stay on top because you’ll run out of air.

We have to go back down some day!

Exact. And if you’re having as much fun going down as going up, you know you’re with the right person. Lévis and I have had our ups and downs, but the secret to staying together is communication. When we have a problem, we are able to talk about it, to name it. What I find most beautiful in our couple is that we support each other.

Speaking of support, one of the most important people in your life is your daughter, Eve. How is she?

Ah… my beautiful Eva. I love her so much, that girl! I say girl because she will always be my girl, but she is now 29 years old! She met the man of her life. When we had our sugar shack, Maxime worked for us. He and Eve got along, but four years apart, they hadn’t come to the same place in life. When they see each other again, this time it was the right time, and it’s crazy love!

Photo: Bruno Petrozza / TVAPu

Does Eva still have her hairdressing business?

Yes, Grooming Evelyne, in Shawinigan. She does a job that she loves, she is highly appreciated by her clients. She manages to groom dogs that no other groomer does, because she took animal behavior courses. She is autonomous, resourceful, in her own business. In short, I am very proud of her!

And on the health side?

He underwent bariatric surgery last spring and has lost 85 pounds so far. She trains, takes care of herself, blooms day by day, she is beautiful to see. Like me, she made this decision for the right reasons, that is, for her health first and foremost. Being overweight could affect her fertility and she and her boyfriend want to start a family.

Finally, in what mood do you start the year 2023?

I receive this new year with open arms. Everything is going so well now, on all levels, I just want to continue this good time. I try as much as possible to stay positive, love, gratitude instead of living in fear of losing what I have. Life isn’t perfect, little glitches are bound to show up here and there, but I’m more equipped than ever to overcome them and choose happiness.

Get me out of here! will be broadcast on TVA from February 19, on Sundays, at 6:30 p.m. In January, it will host country music at work on Country Pop 92.9.

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