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The Nation in defense of Celine Dion

As Quebecers still digested their leftover turkey, tourtière and meatball stew as they bathed in holiday bliss finally free of covid restrictions, the Nation was cowardly attacked.

Yes, an attack is the word, and it’s not too strong. That is the only word to describe the supervision of the magazine. Rolling Stone of our Céline-Dion-à-Nous in his list of the 200 best singers of all timeone.

I know very well that in the United States making fun of Celine’s music has never gone out of style.2a little how to do jokes of newbies It was at one time, in Quebec. But ruling out Céline from a list of the 200 greatest singers and singers foreverit is a declaration of war.

Why Rolling Stone whoever sulks at Céline, is the greatest gesture of contempt towards the Nation since English Canada scuttled the Lake Meech agreement.

It’s also confirmation of the bad taste of the Americans, who don’t love Céline like they do us, which is appalling. These people may have turned McDonald’s into a giant restaurant…

On the women’s side, look, the featherweights were crowned by the magazine Rolling Stone : There is Billie Eilish with her voice network, as well as a certain Poly Styrene, the unknown in the Sza battalion and the well known in her IU family, not forgetting one named Anita Baker.

And… (looks at my notes) Lata Mangeshkar.

Can Who, I ask you!

As a cruel mockery, the name “Dion” nevertheless appears in the list of Rolling Stonebut it is to give the 154me rank Dion DiMucci, singer who made teenage girls dream in the early 1960s. The magazine can’t even plead Francophobia: Françoise Hardy slid down the charts (162me range).

Question: Has Dion DiMucci ever sung for the Pope?

Question: Has Poly Styrene been a hit for years in Las Vegas?

Question: Has Chrysler ever paid Françoise Hardy millions to sell tanks?

Answer: No, no and no. But Céline, yes, yes and yes.

Even Elvis (17me dans la liste) n’approche pas les escarpins de Céliiiiine pour ce qui est de faire un tabac à Vegas, she qui a pulvérisé all the records of sale of billets dans ses deux spectacles en résidence dans cette ville, one of the great cultural capitals du whole world…

Elvis 17me and Celine in limbo? That does not happen.

Forgotten, the pandemic polarization: the Nation united, united. This is THE issue of outrage in Quebec, in early 2023. It is our cultural Pearl Harbor, our musical Ukraine. Céline, it’s not just a song, for the Nation, it’s identity. It is the Quebec identity that Rolling Stone I wanted to delete, let’s not beat around the bush.

Always ready to step up to defend a certain idea of ​​Quebec, Julie Snyder enlisted fans of Céline Dion – gossip says that most of them were employees of her production company, but I don’t believe it – to go and demonstrate in New York, in front of the building that houses the offices of Rolling Stone.

Like a George Washington crossing the Delaware waters, like a Volodymyr Zelensky marching through the liberated Kharkiv, Mto me Snyder did not hesitate to sacrifice what was left of his Christmas vacation to go give a lecture to the magazine. Rolling Stone on his own land.

(For those who would be tempted to say that Mto me Snyder wanted to do some easy publicity behind this controversy that saddens the Nation, I say: you will go, participate Rolling Stone on the hostile streets of Manhattan, and then, we’ll talk about it again… When it comes to Céline, cynicism is intolerable for me.)

I also note that François Legault did not react to this attack by a US media flagship in Quebec. The prime minister must come out of his lethargy: urgently summon parliamentarians to the National Assembly to affirm that we say what we say and do what we do, today and always3Céline, our Céline, is undoubtedly the best singer of all time.

A unanimous motion of the National Assembly is required, requiring Rolling Stone that Céline is inserted at the head of the list of the (now) 201 best singers and singers of all time.

And yes Rolling Stone denied ?

I demand the termination of the $10 billion contract signed by Hydro-Québec in 2021 to supply 10 terawatt hours of hydroelectricity to New York City.

Rolling Stone he will stay to write his list of prizes in the cold and in the dark.

COLUMNIST’S NOTE: Of course, this entire column is to be taken literally and gently mocks the excitement that winners of RS awakened in our latitudes.

Happy new year 2023 everyone, fans Celine or not.

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