Domotique et maison connectée au CES 2023 : Matter et éclairage immersif entre autres

Home automation and connected home at CES 2023: Matter and immersive lighting among others

New smart and connected home trends emerged at CES 2023. Nanoleaf, Eve, Google and others are embracing new technologies and jumping into this IoT-based universe.

Interoperability and matter support

After the launch of Matter in late 2022, it’s no surprise that several companies took advantage of CES 2023 to introduce new Matter-certified devices. The Matter interoperability standard enables smart devices on different platforms to work together.

SwitchBot 2 Hub

Although some brands are releasing new products that support the Matter standard instead of upgrading currently available devices, most existing hubs will remain the same, with the exception of the SwitchBot hub.

SwitchBot Hub 2 on the table


The smart home company is showing off a new Hub 2 with Matter support.

This new hub brings SwitchBot Bluetooth devices together to give them Wi-Fi capabilities, with support for Matter, which means you’ll be able to add and control your SwitchBot devices from your favorite home automation system, like Apple HomeKit.

Eva smart home

New Eve Smart Home devices

The latest models from Eve Door & Window, Eve Energy and Eve Motion have already obtained Matter certification. / Eve

Eve added support for Matter to some of her devices a few months ago. New features include the addition of a door and window sensor, a smart plug, and a motion detection sensor, all of which have earned Matter certification. While these devices won’t be available for sale until spring 2023, you can sign up for the Eve Early Access program.

The other news

Nanoleaf and Govee screens

Nanoleaf (left) and Govee (right) will launch new Matter-certified lighting products in 2023. Nanoleaf | government | ZDNET

Nanoleaf and Govee are launching new Matter-certified smart lighting solutions. Nanoleaf will sell light bulbs and strip lights starting in the first quarter of 2023, with A19, BR30, GU10, and recessed lighting variants.

Govee, another smart lighting manufacturer, will also launch its first Matter-compatible light strip, a 2.5m M1 LED light strip in March 2023, which it will showcase at CES.

Smart lights for entertainment

Nanoleaf, Govee and Twinkly are just a few of the companies using smart lighting to create a more immersive TV experience. These three companies show off using different technologies to mirror your TV screen so that the smart lights around you change color in real time based on what you’re watching.

Nanoleaf Sync+ Technology

Nanoleaf Sync+

Nanoleaf Sync+, with a Screen Mirror camera that communicates with what’s high above the TV, to keep the lights in sync. nanosheet

Nanoleaf uses its Sync+ technology to send color commands to connected light bars and bulbs to and around your TV or room. These commands are picked up by a camera directed at your TV screen to capture the colors displayed there.

Govee AI CogniGlow

Govee AI CogniGlow


Govee implements artificial intelligence using a device called the AI ​​Gaming Sync Box Kit with CogniGlow. The device analyzes the characteristics of the colors, text, and other information of the content on your TV screen. This is reminiscent of the Philips Hue Sync Box.

The device will convert the image displayed on your TV into a light signal, which will be sent in real time to the connected lights. The box can be connected to your TV’s HDMI port to make light effects respond faster to your screen.

Govee’s AI Gaming Sync Box Kit will be available for sale in Spring 2023.

Twinkly Entertainment Center

twinkling screen

The image on the screen is reflected by the Twinkly LED squares on the wall. sparkling

The Italian smart lighting brand also announced immersive TV experiences with the Twinkly Entertainment Hub, which will be available this spring. It is a desktop application with the ability to mirror screen images for display on Twinkly LED light panels.

It is compatible with the Twinkly product line, which includes ramps, points, hoses, curtains, and more recently, squares.

An enhanced driving experience

From all-new in-car cameras to in-car voice assistants, big players like Ring and Panasonic are showcasing new technologies for drivers.

ring dash camera

car camera ring


Ring has just launched the new Ring Car Cam, which extends your security coverage from your home to your vehicle. It is a dual orientation dash cam that captures video in 1080p resolution, with two-way communication and night vision.

Panasonic combines Siri and Alexa in the car



Panasonic has just announced an update to its SkipGen in-car infotainment system that allows customers to invoke Siri or Alexa for in-car controls while using Apple CarPlay or Alexa, respectively, by saying the voice assistant wake word. .

According to Andrew Poliak, CTO of Panasonic Automotive Systems Company, “Customers want to be able to take their voice assistants with them on the road, and we are excited to join in an industry-first integration that enables phone calls, listening to music, navigation, etc.”

Currently, using Siri in your car is typically done through your iPhone, which can lead to responsiveness issues and an inconsistent experience, but this update should change that.

Make gardening work smart

It’s time to get rid of the tedious chores around our house. They can be automated. Don’t get me wrong, I love gardening and I really love mowing the lawn. But if there’s a way to automate something and make it easier, I’m all for it.

EcoFlow blade

EcoFlow blade on grass

This robot not only mows the lawn for you, it also sweeps the leaves. EcoFlow

EcoFlow introduced a new smart lawn mowing and sweeping robot at CES 2023, the EcoFlow Blade. In addition to hands-free mowing, the mower takes care of sweeping leaves, collecting them with a sweeping kit at the rear. With my yard backing onto the woods, I can only wish I had a robot sweeper to rake up the leaves each fall, instead of my poor rake.

This combination mower and sweeper will be released in the spring, just in time for mowing season.

elegant dt-01

Dandy DT-01 Lawn Care Robot (1/4 Acre)


The Dandy DT-01 robot makes weeding a breeze, and I’m talking about the literal breeze you can enjoy from your lawn chair as this robot weeds your garden for you.

The tiny robot, which the company says can detect the most common weeds with 95% accuracy, sprays a fine mist of herbicide directly onto the weeds. The spot treatment helps prevent overuse of potentially harmful chemicals on your lawn, and the small version can treat up to 1,000 square feet and 1,000 weeds without refilling.

honorable mentions

CES is always saturated with new product launches and innovative technology apps, so it’s hard to pick the best ones. Here are some other products to consider.

GE Profile Smart Blender

GE Profile Smart Mixer

GE Appliances, a Haier Company

This device has been recognized by the CES Innovation Awards. The GE Profile Smart Blender has a built-in smart scale that weighs each ingredient in the bowl or anything on the blender base. It has 11 speeds, the highest being comparable to that of a blender.

It wouldn’t make a good smart home device without voice control, which is why this smart blender is compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistant. Just ask your favorite voice assistant to stop the mixer for you before the whipped cream turns to butter. I can’t tell you how many times you could have used this feature.

Auto Sense, on the other hand, is a built-in technology that prevents over-mixing by monitoring changes in the texture of your ingredients, to stop the mixer before you need to ask Alexa to. Again, we want whipped cream, not butter.

The GE Profile Smart Mixer will sell for €1,000.

LG MoodUp Refrigerator

LG Mood Up


LG’s new color-changing refrigerator hits the market this spring. The door panels not only change color via the ThinQ app, but you can also set them to match the music playing through your fridge’s built-in Bluetooth speaker.

This fridge is compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant, so you can ask one of the voice assistants to stream music in sync with it.

LG combines smart devices with sneaker culture

Sneaker culture has been booming for decades, but it’s grown more than ever in recent years. There are sneaker collectors who take care of their pieces almost like works of art. Streetwear artist and designer Jeff Staple has teamed up with home appliance maker LG to create the ultimate storefronts for sneaker lovers everywhere.

LG Styler ShoeCare and ShoeCase


This collaboration is on display in the Designer Room at CES 2023 and features a double-row LG Styler ShoeCase, an enclosed display with an overhead light for your favorite and most treasured sneakers.

Along with ShowCase, LG also offers LG Styler ShoeCare, a closed case that uses TrueSteam technology to keep shoes in pristine condition.

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