La prochaine Lune décroissante de janvier 2023 laissera ces signes du zodiaque sans argent final

The next waning moon in January 2023 will leave these zodiac signs penniless

The January lunation is emotionally charged and will strongly influence the zodiac signs. What’s more, being in the waning phase from January 7 to 20, the Moon is likely to cause exhaustion and reckless behavior. In fact, this new cycle will have a negative impact on the life of certain zodiac signs. Unfortunately, the latter are likely to have financial problems. Find out below if you are one of them!

Astrologers have revealed the most unlucky trio among the natives of the zodiac. The latter must be very careful during this period, because the financial forecasts are not good…

Which zodiac signs will have financial difficulties during the waning moon in January?

Representatives of these zodiac signs should be prepared for serious financial problems during this period. The Moon wanes during the period from Full Moon to New Moon. In astrology, when in this position, the night star symbolizes feelings and calls on the signs to find balance in their lives. But it is also possible that it will have a negative impact on your financial and material capital.


The zodiac sign Gemini. source: spm

Gemini must be prepared for unexpected expenses during this time. This could be due to too high loads. The natives of this Air sign will probably make trips that were not included in their budget for the month of January. Unfortunately for them, they will spend a lot of money and have to dip into their savings. This will contaminate their finances and lead to bank overdrafts. To avoid this, they must learn to manage their money better and not be fooled by certain quirks of life. They should avoid better diving into their savings and budget. Especially since these natives will also have to pay certain expenses or accumulated debts. During this period of the waning Moon, Geminis will have to ask their loved ones for money to fill these holes in their bank account. In order not to have financial problems next month, they must be careful of unnecessary expenses and stick to their basic budget without living beyond their means.


sun pound

Libra zodiac sign. source: spm

Libras are going to have financial problems in this lunation due to their excessive spending. Instead of sticking to their budget plan, the natives of this Air sign will probably start spending large sums of money on gifts for their loved ones. A normal behavior coming from a native very attached to his family. As a result, they will find themselves without savings. Although this will bring happiness to those around them, Libras will find themselves penniless to end the month of January. To recover from their debts, the representatives of this sign will have to drastically reduce their expenses until the end of the month. Either way, they will have no choice. Also, they will have to give up their impulse purchases even if sales are fast approaching. Libras should not be tempted by sometimes very advantageous discount purchases.


capricorn forecast

The zodiac sign of Capricorn. source: spm

Capricorns are known to be the most ambitious of the zodiac signs and the most rational. They tend to anticipate everything, therefore they always have precautionary savings that they should not spend except in an emergency. With this waning Moon, your savings will come in very handy during this time. This will be your only capital to live in during this month of January. Be careful not to overspend and conserve that valuable budget, as new sources of income don’t arrive until next month. While January can be difficult for people born under this constellation, they will still be able to emerge stronger and more confident the following month. This experience will also allow them to mature and no longer take their financial skills for granted. They will be proud of their learning that will serve them for the next hard knocks.

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