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In the absence of a true rivalry between boxers as in the days when the sport was “hyped”, it is outside the arena that the great schism in Québec boxing is currently taking place. On the one hand, the columnist Réjean Tremblay and on the other, the promoter Yvon Michel.

Réjean Tremblay’s last warning shot against Yvon Michel occurred on December 29 in The Montreal Journalwhile the humble columnist energetically deplored the sad fate of the Montrealers of Colombian origin Eleider Alvarez and Oscar Rivas, “who live in three and a half and break like nails at the end of their careers.”

Among other things, Tremblay blames Michel for encouraging Rivas to return to the ring despite a new retinal detachment that kept him out of a fight against Efe Ajabga on January 14 in Verona, New York, as well as the first defense of his super WBC. -lightweight belt against Luckacz Rozicki in March in Poland. This injury also led the WBC to strip the title from him and name him champion. In recess (pause).

Visibly irritated by these accusations, the promoter vigorously defended himself Tuesday midday on the sidelines of the last promotional press conference for the event that he will present on Friday night at Place Bell and that will feature the participation of Kim Clavel and Jessica Nery Flat. .

“If I ever advise a boxer to retire, and it’s not up to me to decide, I demand two things if he decides to continue,” replied Yvon Michel. One, that he has passed all his medical exams and has a valid boxing license and two, that he has a trusted trainer who validates his training. That is the reason why Eleider did not fight. [depuis sa dernière défaite contre Joe Smith fils en août 2020]. I have not yet found a trainer who has validated his preparation. Oscar, when he comes back, it’s going to be the same. »

The promoter specified that Rivas would not have to undergo surgery for this eye injury and that he had taken advantage of that forced rest to finally accept the invitation of the producers of the Colombian version of the program “Survivientes”. Only after his run on the show, which could last up to three months, will Rivas decide whether or not to continue his run.

Yvon Michel also did not digest that Réjean Tremblay insinuated that the promoter received a percentage of the scholarships obtained by Álvarez and Rivas or that he revised the amounts owed downwards, because ticket sales for an event had been lower than expected.

” [Alvarez et Rivas] they were world champions and will be considered that way for the rest of their lives, Michel recalled. They have become huge celebrities at home. They lived from their sport for 13 years in Quebec, learning a new language and supporting their family. They made a lot more money than anyone in the rival organization except David Lemieux.

“As a promoter, we don’t take a percentage of the boxers’ income. We collect revenue from television sales, tickets and boxer rights.

“I have never seen a boxer whose contract was changed for ticket sales. I never witnessed that. [Réjean Tremblay] let’s make believe that we may have done it in the past… I would like to have names, proofs, because it is completely false. »

Reached by phone by On Wednesday morning, Réjean Tremblay responded that the reversals of fortune for Álvarez and Rivas affect him “deeply” and that it was his job to shed light on this issue. “I am interested in boxing because they are extraordinary athletes who depend on the power plays that are played above them and endanger their lives. In a delicate situation, I will defend the athlete. »

Yvon Michel said he has arrested the leaders of the two media companies that offer a platform to Réjean Tremblay, but that he is not considering legal proceedings at the moment. “There are a lot of lies there. Free things that are fake, he hammered him. we are in talks with The newspaper Y BPM Sportsbut Réjean Tremblay has exceeded the limits and we will defend ourselves whenever he is prejudiced towards us.

“We say you have a conflict of interest and your articles are tainted with a conflict of interest. »

The conflict of interest that Yvon Michel refuses to name is the ties between Réjean Tremblay and Yvon Michel’s promoter and great rival, Camille Estephan. Camille Estephan’s daughter, Emmanuelle Estephan, is the first majority shareholder of Grace Drilling Inc. and Réjean Tremblay’s wife, Julie Bertrand, is the second shareholder, according to a legal person’s information statement in the company register that is available online.

piercing grace is a platform that broadcasts Eye of the Tiger Management events, as well as documentaries featuring boxers from the organization. It should be noted that, for his part, Yvon Michel is an analyst of the galas broadcast on the airwaves of RDS.

“It is not something illegal, but reprehensible,” said Yvon Michel. It is like that in professional associations, in the government… it is condemned even if it is not illegal. When someone deliberately tries to lift someone up to tear someone down based on his personal interests, there is something wrong with that. »

“Kim Clavel, Eleider Alvarez, Oscar Rivas, Kevin Bizier… I wrote several texts that told the stories of the Groupe Yvon Michel boxers over the years, recalled Réjean Tremblay. Nor can I prevent my spouse from working and his ties to piercing grace they never hid. She produced 11 documentaries in 12 months that were televised. »

Finally invited to comment on her business relationship with Yvon Michel, Kim Clavel – who boxed under Camille Estephan’s colors early in her career – had only good words for her current promoter, whose work and attitude at a press conference Tuesday at midday. .

“Yvon has no control over the money we spend,” said the WBC light flyweight champion. The first fight I did with Yvon (in July 2020, editor’s note), I did three times as much as I did before for an eight-round fight without a belt. I have nothing to complain about, but we also have to manage our finances. Yvon always means well. It’s a business, no one is perfect, but I have no complaints. [sur le travail de Michel]. »

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