culture above all

culture above all

Perhaps PK Subban’s message was well understood by the Canadiens players… but it’s mostly Martin St-Louis’ effort to remind us that the Canadiens’ culture is the most important goal of the organization.

The victory is good in the current context, but the priority is to give this team the culture that it has respected for so long in the past.

Monday’s game deeply touched the coach. And he again put everyone in everyone’s responsibilities so that the process of relaunching the company and the development of the skaters are respected to the letter.

And he insisted on culture.

Culture that boils down, as Subban insisted during his press conference, to the pride of wearing the Canadiens uniform.

“When you have the opportunity to wear the jersey, it is a privilege. It must, in each game, offer an effort that justifies the confidence given to all members of the organization. »

St. Louis was clear on its moves after Monday’s game. His team had just hit bottom, the situation could not continue.

Since December, the Canadian has flirted with mediocrity, and the process adopted by top management to revive the franchise has been seriously tested.

“You can win a game with an effort that you can question. You can lose a game after putting in a quality performance. The important thing is the effort. The important thing is to understand well the instructions established at the beginning of the season. It is respecting the process and the development of the skaters that is the priority and remembering that it is not about making concessions. »

effort and intensity

There was no commitment Thursday night against the Nashville Predators. And, in the end, to the delight of St-Louis, the message from him was heard. The effort and intensity shown by the skaters corresponds exactly to what the organization’s decision-makers want to implement.

That is, rediscover this culture of yesteryear.

Will it continue through the weekend in the New York metropolitan area?

We can understand that St-Louis believes a lot in it. That this victory can revive the Canadian, that team that, at the beginning of the season, aroused the passion of the fans.

On Thursday we salute PK Subban.

However, it was Cole Caufield who once again turned heads. Two goals, a total of 25 goals in the middle of the season; The youngster holds fans on the edge of his seat whenever he’s on the ice.

Nick Suzuki was Nick Suzuki. Kirby Dach has been a responsible player in the 200-footer. Jonathan Drouin who has participated in three goals, in short, all the players have put their shoulders to the wheel.

It is not the team to compete

But let’s keep in perspective that the Canadian still doesn’t have the manpower to compete at the same level as the best teams on the circuit. It’s going to be a long process that could see changes along the way if Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes ever pull rabbits out of their hats.

Gorton started the Rangers relaunch program a few years ago, but a year later he changed the process with the acquisition of Artemi Panarin and defender Adam Fox … without having to release a major player from the team.

St-Louis repeats it often. Canadians must work according to a well-studied business model adapted to the current situation, which is why everyone’s commitment is what we are looking for.

A commitment at all times and the road to culture will be less bumpy.

Don’t panic but…

It was believed that the Avalanche, after beating the Oilers in Edmonton, would regain cruising speed and allow them to close in on the Central Division and Western Conference leaders.

But oh boy, a loss to the Panthers, and most importantly, a loss to the Chicago Blackhawks. Yes, yes, the Blackhawks. Chris MacFarland and Joe Sakic will have to make some transfers at the squad level. We’re not panicking in Denver, but we have to face the fact that this team isn’t as good as it was last year…

The Vancouver Canucks will complete their journey to the eastern United States and top management will decide the direction we need to take to relaunch the franchise.

Clearance sale?

Are we going to have a fire sale? It is very plausible. Only one player is safe from any change of address and that is Elias Pettersson.

Rumors are already spreading that Rick Tocchet will be the team’s next coach. Meanwhile, the Canucks’ scouts are closely following the Seattle Kraken as Ron Francis, the team’s general manager, makes no secret that he would like to get a leading center.

We immediately thought of Bob Horvath. What will be the price to pay? Let’s not forget that Horvath will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season…

Did you bet the Seattle Kraken would end the Bruins’ regular winning streak in Boston? If so, you’ve hit the jackpot. The Kraken just won six straight road games in Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo and Boston. No wonder we think in terms of qualifying for the playoffs.


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