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Are you looking for accounting software adapted to the needs of your company? Then is the tool you need. Developed by public accountants and intended for small and medium-sized companies, as well as self-employed entrepreneurs, it allows you to manage invoices, expenses, payments and estimates, as well as generate financial statements such as balance sheets and profit and loss. Accounts Online Software (SAAS), is accessible from any web browser and can be used on different devices, including smartphones and tablets, simply by downloading and its mobile application via the iOS and Android stores.

How works

All-in-one software is based on a friendly user interface that allows you to easily enter, organize and track your company’s financial information. The various functionalities are easily accessible thanks to its sober and intuitive menu located on the left of your screen. You will find a complete suite of tools for your management consisting of billing, accounting, expense reports, tax returns, fixed assets and payroll functions. There is nothing superfluous and we find ourselves there quickly.

So you can easily enter invoices, expenses, payments and budgets, and classify them by category for better analysis. It is also possible to create invoice templates for faster entry. Once the data is entered, you will have the option to generate financial statements such as balance sheets and income statements to get an overview of the financial situation of your company.

Downloading from also allows you to track times and projects for better profitability management. Data can be synced with payroll and cash management software for better information coordination. It is important to note that all your documents can of course be exported in CSV or PDF format, but also printed and emailed.

Accessible to accounting experts and novices alike, know that when you first open your account, you’ll automatically be offered a setup wizard to help you get started and set up your account.

Other features

In addition to accounting management, downloading allows you to take advantage of many other functions, each one more useful than the last. Among these functions is the management of third parties. This allows managing the information of clients, suppliers and other collaborators of the company to synchronize the data with payroll, cash and billing management software for a better coordination of the information.

Equally important for a company, in addition to customer management, is the issue of inventory management. With, you will be able to follow stock movements, purchases and sales, to generate stock reports. You will be able to view in real time what you have to sell your products as quickly as possible or avoid possible shortages.

VAT management is also part of the features offered by the software that will allow you to automatically calculate the VAT due on invoices and expenses, and generate correct VAT returns.

Finally, remote access to your data is also possible to be able to share it in real time with your accountant. To do this, the software uses encryption protocols and regular backups to guarantee maximum protection.

Do you also want to do your own bookkeeping? So come and download now to take advantage of the many accounting management features offered by the software.

the alternatives

Indispensable in an ever-changing fiscal and economic environment, there are many accounting and financial solutions on the market suitable for small businesses, starting with Sage Accounting for Craftsmen and Small Business software. Simple and quick to use, it provides you with all the essential tools to manage your accounts: chart of accounts, dashboards, journals, VAT declaration, accounting entry templates, etc. Thanks to its customizable functions, it will allow you to control the result in real time and accurately monitor your cash flow.

You can also choose to use Ciel Compta. Designed to allow SMEs-SMEs (artisans, merchants, etc.) to take charge of the exhaustive accounting of their business in a simple and efficient way, it assists them from the entry of the debit/credit, to the closing of the financial year, through labeling and Bank reconciliations. The application provides you with all the tools you need to manage your accounts: chart of accounts, dashboards, journals, VAT declaration, accounting entry templates, etc.


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