SLBAM: What players have gone through the ECHL, AHL and NHL?

SLBAM: What players have gone through the ECHL, AHL and NHL?

Hello everyone and thank you once again for taking the time to come and ask me your question of the week.

Yesterday was a busy day in our family. We went looking for our little Shiba Inu that my wife, children and I had been waiting for a long time. It’s long, a 2 year waiting list haha.

I understand your question Pat and thanks for the question by the way, written via Facebook since you don’t have Twitter. If you look, after each season, the following year, several teams copy the champion team. This is called the “copycat league.”

Unfortunately, several teams try to copy, but they don’t have the same type of player. I’m talking about a Makar, Rantannen or even MacKinnon.

There are 2 types of practices, or even 3 with the skate in the morning. You have pregame practice, which is very focused on the opponent and the plays you decided to use to beat the opponent in X situations. You have the morning skate which is sometimes optional (for some a real practice or almost considering the transportation you have to do given your geographical location), where you work on 2-3 small things for about fifteen minutes. And you have a great practice, which is 2 days before a game, where you put the emphasis on the work of your team.

Avec ceci, pour répondre directement à ta question, l’erreur est humaine et c’est souvent ce qui arrive lorsqu’on dit, il n’est bien pas bon lui, il a manqué sa couverture ou n’a pas pris son information and others. There is so much information and data at your fingertips that it is easy to forget about it for a moment.

Take matchups, for example. Everybody knows that wingers need to block. That for example, MacKinnon will go up high as F3 or that his defender will go down for the D Dive. The players have been informed before the game, but if at one point they are not concentrating and they forget, it is when the opposing team succeeds in their set play, despite the fact that everyone knew that they were going to achieve it. the part and be careful.

Often, a bad information take can lead to a goal, in a bad reading of your zone entry in your 1-1-3, because x players did not return in time or did not take the information. So despite having the maximum information, the fact that hockey is the fastest sport, with turnovers in every presence, it is normal not to be able to block everything as a fixed game.

I love the turn this story takes with Matvei Michkov. Yes, I mentioned that he was going to drop out of the top 5 for all the reasons everyone says. I was even talking about it and I say maybe 15mebut the way he’s playing right now, he’ll be out early.

But then again, we’ll see what happens in Nashville. But until Russia declared war, everyone saw him as a generational player. Since then, various questions and doubts have arisen.

His contract history is a good question mark. But for the past few days, we’ve been talking about his attitude. He was in the direct source (even if the coach was just fired in Sochi). In practice, his attitude is exemplary or almost, he has a desire to excel, he usually boards first for practice and wants to count in every shot.

That was also the case with the SKA when he was there. The teammates love him and adore his contribution and they all agree that he is generational.

So where can the speculations about his attitude come from? They come from the same place as an 18-year-old who is not content to have descended to a lower level instead of staying at the higher level. Even if it is very possible that for your development it will be better.

I have rarely seen someone be happy to be cut and say they didn’t want to stay on top. Unfortunately for him, his attitude and only his attitude changed slightly when he was demoted to VHL. SKA’s roster doesn’t help having a young man dressed either. Do I “skip” it for all that? Not at all. We are not talking about the attitude of a Daniel Sprong.

I never said I wouldn’t be successful in the NHL to begin with. Comparing him to Makar right now at the college level is nice, but we have to wait before comparing him to Makar, the NHL player.

Let’s not forget that Makar, when he came to Colorado after his NCAA season, he made the playoffs and after a game or two, he was already the QB on the power play and was making amazing plays.

Would Hutson have the same impact now if one, the CH were in play off, and that Hutson decided to come? I don’t believe it. Do you have the tools and the toolbox to be a dominant offensive defenseman in the league? I think so.

Now it’s all about how you can take your American college game to the NHL level. He doesn’t have the size or agility of Makar or Hughes, but I strongly believe he will become a crowd favorite.

There is not a long list of players who have made 100 in all 3 leagues. Many started ECHL after their junior year or after their college year. So I would say a lot of people played less than 100 games in the ECHL and then eventually moved on to the NHL. The best known (not because he played in the CH, but because he played the most games in the 3 leagues) is David Desharnais. Otherwise, with a little digging, here are several names of players who started their careers in the ECHL and went on to have great NHL seasons.

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