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At this time of year, I always have a bit of carnival nostalgia. In the Caribbean or in New Orleans, where I have already celebrated, it is the great party for weeks as we freeze and runny at home. Luckily, there’s Sophie Fouron bringing some festive warmth into our homes with the show. Life is a partypremiered on January 20 on TV5.

few people do feel good TV as Sophie Fouron, a presenter whose joie de vivre and kindness are contagious. if you have never seen Waiting room, whose third season begins on February 3, still on TV5, do yourself a favor, because you will see a Quebec that we don’t see enough on the small screen. We meet different cultural communities just by sitting in a hairdressing salon. I laughed and cried in every episode. This season, Sophie will discuss with a Jewish wig maker (it took her team three years to convince the women of the Hasidic community), hairdressers from north of Montreal or Rwandans from Quebec.

Because TV5 is broadcast all over the world, Sophie Fouron is more recognized on the street abroad than in Quebec. She started her career late, in her late thirties, so much so that she has been seen as a new face on television lately, in her early fifties. “I defy all statistics, the one who also co-presents the program agrees return to culture on ARTV. The older I get, the more work. There’s something very reassuring about that. I feel like I really belong. »

I think we needed these programs and we didn’t know it. Until very recently, television in Quebec was made by whites, for “natives.” When I look at the set of Life is a partyI tell myself that this is not a show about diversity, it is a show about Quebec today.

Sofia Fouron

This big set type show is ultra friendly and unifying, like Sophie Fouron. Chaque semane, en compagnie des collaborators de l’édition (Corneille, Tatiana Polevoy, Elkahna Talbi, Kevin Raphaël, Neev, Isabelle Picard and Manuel Tadros), on reçoit un invité (Boucar Diouf est le premier) et on jase d’un paquet stuff. For example, you will hear Fabien Cloutier tell of his curiosity when, as a child, he saw a black man for the first time in Beauce and you will see Marina Orsini smoking shisha, as well as knowing why there are plaster lions in front of the Italian houses, while detours to the sukkah of a Jewish family for the holiday of Sukkot.

“It’s like a Spanish inn, as if I received my friends at home”, explains the facilitator. You come to my house, you tell me about yourself, your experiences, your travels, we go to see a voodoo priestess in Laval or we play cricket with Pakistanis on West Island. It’s infinite, the themes! »

And perfectly consistent with everything he’s done on TV so far. She had to go around the world at least twice for the shows. base port Y To each his own islandbut she is very happy today to take us on a journey within Quebec for these people from all walks of life, without straying too far from her. boyfriend and his children He is in the family, mixing with the others, because he was born to a Québécois mother and a Haitian father. “For me, it’s just normal. When I was a kid, I thought everyone had a black dad, you know? This is the legacy of my parents, this openness of mind and heart that, for us, is evident. »

Sophie Fouron recently lost her father, Jean-Claude Fouron, who was a great gentleman. Specialist doctor in fetal cardiology at the Sainte-Justine Hospital, where he worked until he was 80 years old. She not without emotion she talks about him, with her eyes on the water. “He was an exceptional man. He was good at everything. A loving being, so present, a model in his relationship with my mother. He was truly the patriarch. When he died, we heard testimonials from all over the world, because he really made Sainte-Justine shine. »

A matter of generation without a doubt, we don’t talk about racism at the Fouron table, although Sophie is well aware that her father must have lived through it in his life. She also believes, without reproach, that it is a discussion that she missed, because she catches up with her today, when the subject is brought up.

When I was a teenager, difference wasn’t celebrated as much. Now there is a great movement, even a revolution, and that is what we want: to celebrate our differences.

Sofia Fouron

“It’s interesting, because we dissected it a lot, we intellectualized it, we have to catch up to do it, but for my daughters it’s something acquired,” she adds. They grow up there, like the son of Fabien Cloutier. »

Waiting room Y Life is a party Programs should be on the agenda of people like Jean Boulet who, during the last electoral campaign when he was Minister of Immigration, told falsehoods about immigrants who did not integrate. “What I like is that we give voice to people we don’t see much,” Sophie Fouron underlines. They need to be told, seen and heard. We must be interested in our neighbors who have other experiences, other origins. The goal is always to be better all together and not to be all in our bubbles. »

Because for Sophie Fouron, happiness has a lot to do with others.

Life is a partyFridays, at 9:00 p.m., on TV5

waiting room 3from February 3, on TV5

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