no career plan

no career plan

You would like to set a specific career plan and it is difficult for you to visualize your next professional challenges. However, contrary to your impression, the absence of a clear project could allow you to get more out of the game.

The career plan naturally seems like the best way to go. It’s true that aiming for specific career goals often helps give a sense of direction and control over next steps. In addition, an action plan allows you to move towards clear projects in the medium and long term. However, being too rigid in your future plans could slow down your journey.

Career plans are not for everyone. Many people have a satisfying professional career without having navigated the previous stages and those that are to come.

You would be surprised to see that many people have prospered thanks to the atypical path taken. Navigating from one role, field, or project to another, they could never have predicted their careers. Flexibility in professional projection has important benefits, but also presents challenges.

career flexibility

Professional life is full of fortuitous situations, chances, luck and misfortunes that are out of our control. This unpredictability alters your path and often changes planned projects. Clinging to specific goals often causes frustration and sometimes also leads to a feeling of being at a dead end. Instead of investing your energy and having specific expectations for your career, you can choose to remain open and flexible in your options.

An open stance will require a good deal of flexibility as well as confidence. You will need to make sure during your exploration that you maintain a positive and flexible attitude.

The labor market is full of possibilities that you are currently unaware of. You may not yet know that the right job exists for you.

Also, the world of work is changing rapidly, the jobs you could have may not exist yet. Who knows, they might even call you to create a custom job.

Aim for your intentions

Think again, choosing to avoid having a specific business plan doesn’t mean you’ll leave your future to chance. If not, you can work to evolve in your career.

Instead, you can choose to work on broader intentions. Your professional desires may tend toward a particular mission, field, or even work context.

For example, you might want in your next challenges to take on tasks that allow you to express your opinion more or contribute in a more concrete way to a value that is close to your heart.

To guide your intentions, it will be essential that you know your main professional and even personal needs. Meditate on your journey identifying the key elements that you missed or that particularly nurtured you.

professional curiosity

However, beyond the fact of writing down your intentions, it will not be enough to wait for the opportunities to come your way. Without a specific career plan, in order to grow in your career, you will also have to provoke them. Investing in multiple ways in projects within your reach in time and energy for you, for example.

Get involved in different projects that fit your intentions. In this way, you will be able to develop skills and knowledge in line with your aspirations. It could also move into new spheres, developing a new network and sparking opportunities.

Also stay curious. By keeping a position open, you will be better able to identify opportunities. Take an interest in the possibilities, do not hesitate to question those around you to promote a better awareness of your possibilities. This way, if a job is presented to you, you can quickly check if it matches your intentions.

Your career is a continuous process, chance and your curiosity will allow you to discover and refine your intentions throughout your journey. Sometimes it’s wonderful to just let yourself go without knowing where all this is going to lead you.

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