Let your family or friends know your location on the go

Let your family or friends know your location on the go

For a long time, the time of big paper maps is over. Smartphones have the ability to survey the entire planet with downloaded or online maps.

Getting around without getting lost has never been so easy. But it can be difficult to communicate your exact location to friends and family who are trying to find you.

iPhone users can share their current location using the Messages, Maps and Find My home apps, as well as Google Maps. While Apple makes it easy to share locations with other iPhone users, there are also several ways to send your location to someone using an Android device.

Let’s start with the Messages app, open a conversation and type the recipient’s name or icon on the top, from there you will easily find the Send my current location feature in the next window. A map tile of your location will be inserted for that person within your conversation.

If the latter is using an iPhone, an information screen opens with the option to get directions with Apple Maps. With an Android device, a link will give you the same location information, but in a browser.

If you want to share your location for a longer period:

  • Tap your recipient’s name or picture in your Messages conversation. Tap Share my location. Choose between Share for one hour, Share until the end of the day, or Share forever (which stays on until you turn sharing off). They will receive a notification that you are sharing your location with them and you will be added to their Find My app.

Please note that this only works with other iPhone users.

Another quick trick is to type “my address is” into the Messages app to send the recipient your card’s address in Contacts without typing it out in full.

The Find Me app


The Find Me app

locate application

Similar to finding your devices, the Find My app helps determine the location of other iPhone users. Proceed as follows:

  • Touch the Find My app from your home screen. Tap People in the bottom left, then tap Start location sharing. A list of names will appear if this is the case. Touch the names to add them.
  • Touch the + symbol at the top of the contact list to add people. Once people are added, tap Send in the top right.
  • Please note that only your contacts with an iPhone or an email address will appear.
  • Choose to share your location for an hour, all day, or indefinitely. When you share your location with someone, that person also has the option to share yours.

A pop-up will appear saying that you have started sharing your location, and your recipient will receive a notification that you have shared your location with them and your information will appear in their Find My app.

Share satellite position

Owners of iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16.1 or later have the option to share their location via satellite outside of Wi-Fi and cellular dead areas. You can share your location via satellite only with people with whom you have already shared your location with Find My before you were in an area without mobile and Wi-Fi coverage.

You can update the position of your satellite every 15 minutes. The procedure is well explained here: https://support.apple.com/fr-fr/guide/iphone/iph2aac8ae20/ios.

Share with family

Family Sharing can be of great interest to parents who have children with iPhones. It’s also another way for your family to know where you are. The settings vary depending on the iOS system versions of your iPhone or macOS if you are using your Apple computer. More information here: https://support.apple.com/fr-ca/HT201088.

Go to Settings, and then hit the “Apple ID, iCloud+, Media & Purchases” button at the top. Then tap Family Sharing, then tap Continue (if this is your first time).

Screenshot of Family Sharing


Screenshot of Family Sharing

Choose the friends or family members you want to use Family Sharing with from the list (note that this service only works with other iPhones).

Tap Share Location (blue arrow) to send. Your recipients will receive a text invitation to join Family Sharing. Follow the onscreen instructions to set up parental controls, location sharing, and more.

With Google Maps

First, you need to sign in to your Google account to send your location with Google Maps.

Open the Google Maps app, touch your account picture, then Share location. After the brief explanation, tap on Share my location.

From there, you can choose to share with your Google contacts by selecting a duration and the icon of the person you want to share with. Your recipient will receive a notification from Google Maps (as long as you have Google Maps installed and notifications are enabled for this app). They will also receive an email with a link to view their location on Google Maps.

A popup will appear asking if you want to share with a link. Tap Share.

Select from suggested contacts (the small icon at the bottom right of each contact’s image indicates which method will be used to send the link).

Your contact will receive a link via the method of your choice. When they tap the link, they will be taken to the Google Maps app (if installed) or Google Maps in the browser.

About the privacy of this Apple service

“Like all other Apple products, the Find My app is designed to give you complete control of your data. Apple doesn’t know the location of your device until you locate it, mark it as lost, or turn on Send last location. This data is encrypted on Apple servers and is never retained for more than 24 hours. If the Locate network is used, all data remains confidential, even to Apple.”

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