STAR AUTOPSIES.  Michael Jackson, urine bottle, oxygen mask, toothpaste: a look back at a disturbing death

STAR AUTOPSIES. Michael Jackson, urine bottle, oxygen mask, toothpaste: a look back at a disturbing death

The King of Pop died on June 25, 2009 after cardiac arrest, shocking the world one last time. But even dead, Michael Jackson still had secrets to reveal, not least thanks to his autopsy…

It was June 25, 2009, a few days before the start of a new tour. At 2:26 p.m. on that day in June 2009, Dr. Cooper pronounced Michael Jackson, or Michael Joseph Jackson, dead at a Los Angeles hospital. How did the King of Pop die? And what happened that fateful day? A look back at one of the most famous deaths in recent years.

an inappropriate doctor

Michael Jackson was 50 years old and living in a rented house in the Bel-Air district of California when he was found by emergency services on June 25, 2009. They arrived at the scene after being called in by the singer’s regular doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray. This cardiologist had been chosen by the group AEG Live, producers of the event, to accompany the singer throughout his tour despite the fact that Michael Jackson did not have no known cardiovascular problems. This was emphasized by another cardiologist, Dr. Daniel Wohlgelernter, during the trial that involved determining the share of responsibility of Dr. Conrad Murray and AEG Live in the death of the singer. According to the latter, “Michael Jackson had a history of drug use, drug addiction and sleep disorders, not cardiovascular problems”.

Several hours before help arrived, Michael Jackson himself called Dr. Conrad Murray around 1 am on June 25. The pop star later complained of dehydration and insomnia. Accustomed to these types of symptoms, Dr. Murray gave Michael Jackson an injection of propofol, who then went back to sleep, with his doctor at his bedside. The forensic doctor’s report indicates that around and on his bed were, among others, a bottle filled with urine, an oxygen mask and oxygen tank, a tube of toothpaste, and a computer. Around 12 o’clock, when the doctor took a closer look at his famous sleeping patient, he noted with horror that he was no longer breathing. The cardiologist rushed to put him on the ground and give him a cardiac massage after calling the emergency services. Despite the attention provided by the emergency services and the evacuation of him to the UCLA hospital in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest at 2:26 p.m.

A revealing autopsy

The autopsy of Michael Jackson was performed by Medical Examiner Christopher Rogers the following day, June 26, 2009 at 10 a.m. At the end of his detailed examination of the body, the Medical Examiner concluded that Michael Jackson died of a propofol overdose and that his death was a homicide. In fact, the propofol and benzodiazepines that caused his death and were found in his blood system had been administered by someone other than him. The coroner further notes that the propofol was not administered in a hospital setting, that it was administered without proper medical indication, that the recommended material when prescribing propofol was absent, and that the circumstances do not indicate self-administration of propofol. Know that propofol is a powerful intravenous surgical anestheticand that it was Dr. Murray who, on the night of June 25, gave it to his patient to help him fall asleep.

During Michael Jackson’s toxicology tests, it was indicated that the dose of propofol he had received was sufficient for general anesthesia for a heavy operation. other sedatives they were also present in his blood as well as treatments for anxiety, insomnia, panic and depression. The autopsy also confirmed that Michael Jackson did suffer from vitiligo, skin discoloration. The report also notes that her eyebrows and lips were tattooed, as well as a black line in her hairline to disguise the presence of a wig, covering an almost bald head. At the time of his death, Michael Jackson was marked with several bruises at the level of his knees and shins as well as cuts on his back, possible results of a recent fall according to the coroner, in addition to the numerous scars resulting from his surgical operations. esthetic. .

The verdict

In November 2011, Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter at the end of his trial. He was released for good behavior in 2013 after only two of his four years in custody. Although Michael Jackson’s doctor was found guilty of overdosing him, the singer used propofol long before that Dr. Murray becomes his regular doctor. According to Debbie Rowe, ex-wife and mother of Michael Jackson’s two eldest children, Prince and Paris, the singer has suffered from sleep problems for years and began using the anesthetic in 1997.

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