Xbox: the 4 games to watch in June 2022

Xbox: the 4 games to watch in June 2022

game news Xbox: the 4 games to watch in June 2022

If you’re still not satisfied with the bounty of Xbox Game Pass, cheer up: some tantalizing titles are planned for the coming weeks. Suffice to say, it won’t make you enjoy the beautiful days, but after all, we’re fine, home.


  • The quarry
  • sonic origins
  • Cuphead: The Ultimate Delicious Dish
  • Rabbids: party of legends

The quarry

The Quarry doesn’t come out of nowhere: it’s the newest game from Supermassive Games, a studio that has built its credentials on the narrative genre… and horror. It is in particular the very good PS4 exclusive Until Dawn and for a few years The Dark Picture with Medan, Little Hope or House of Ashes! On this occasion, its new title returns to the basics by wanting to be a tribute to the slashers of the 80s and 90s: we will play a gang of young people embodied by the great figures of horror cinema of the time, trapped by villagers of absolute bad reputation. . A dark and delicious atmosphere, a first level technique and a scenario with more than a hundred different endings (!) form the program of this spooky experience to devour alone or accompanied. Definitely the biggest software planned for the month of June, so keep an eye out for it.

Pre-order The Quarry on Xbox One for €65.99 on Amazon
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sonic origins

Xbox: the 4 games to watch in June 2022

Waiting for the next great installment of the saga, which promises to be a small revolution, fans (perhaps you) or the curious will soon be able to fall back on Sonic Origins. In a nutshell, it’s a compilation of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, and Sonic CD.. Enough to rebuild your culture and from the best possible angle: there will be the Classic mode, which will allow you to play titles as they were at the time, and the Anniversary mode, which will offer you unlimited lives, higher resolution, and an aspect ratio suitable for 16:9 screens. Also in the news section, the opening and ending credits and a mission selection menu will be redesigned, which will allow you to collect coins to spend them in a special Museum. New character animations will also be on the show. In short, all is well when you like SEGA’s blue hedgehog.


Xbox: the 4 games to watch in June 2022

Survival horror is a cornerstone of video games and the genre will soon welcome a newcomer: MADiSON. Here it is a particularly psychological terror with inspirations from both Silent Hill and Project Zero, two great references on the subject: we will play Luca, a man persecuted by a demon called MADiSON who forces him to continue with a terrible ritual. , which made him commit not very pretty crimes. To advance through the narrow and harrowing levels he will use his camera in particular to connect with the afterlife: a very stressful agenda as we like them where survival is the only watchword. If you like the spooky supernatural, you’ve come to the right place and we really hope it’s a good surprise.

Cuphead: The Ultimate Delicious Dish

Xbox: the 4 games to watch in June 2022

Cuphead was a real slap in the face when it arrived in 2017: beautiful as hell, delightfully demanding, and quite long, this 2D action-shooter is a gorgeous tribute to 1930s cartoons. And rest assured, even five years later, it will still not have aged a bit and is still a gem. The funniest part of all this is that their development studio is preparing to release the first expansion in 2022, called The Delicious Last Course. A DLC in the making for years, many times postponed and finally released to the public in June! The principle remains the same, namely a multitude of levels to traverse (solo or in local co-op!) with twisted bosses to defeat. Therefore, new weapons, new attacks and new secrets will be discovered in this highly anticipated add-on content that clearly resembles Cuphead 1.5. Perfect while waiting for a possible second title.

  • Available in : computer ps4 A Mac

Rabbids: party of legends

Xbox: the 4 games to watch in June 2022

They’ve been around for a while and they’re back: the Rabbids will offer a new game at the end of June and this time without Mario. The Rabbids: Party of Legends promises to be a Mario Party, an ultra-friendly game to share with friends or family of all ages, thanks to a multiplayer mode for up to four players… and local. In any case, we highlight at least fifty mini-games with obviously crazy objectives: dodge a giant ultra-aggressive fish, collect as many dishes as possible, knock down as many fruits from a tree… A colorful and seamless headache that could be well suited to gamers looking for a shared experience.

Pre-order Rabbids: Party of Legends on Xbox One for €40

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