Jean Airoldi opens up about her long-distance romantic relationship

Jean Airoldi opens up about her long-distance romantic relationship

He has been dreaming of it for so long and Jean Airoldi has finally become a real estate broker! For the animator and designer, it’s less about a career change than about a different way to harness his talent. If his professional life is going well, his personal life is not far behind. Indeed, in a relationship time, he spends happy days with Chantal, his lover. And, because his daughters convinced him to adopt a dog, Angelo joined the family, much to the delight of all members!

Jean, you always have many projects. Which ones are you currently busy with?
I still have my online store, Airoldi Couture. I am open to collaborations. I would like to associate myself with people who can open doors for me in the current market because the difficulties multiply in terms of production. With the pandemic, manufacturing products have become more complex than ever. Currently, my passion is real estate. He had dreamed of being a runner for years! At the time, my daughters were young and I did not consider it an ideal job for a father of young children who wanted to spend all his time with them. Now when I tell them I have a visitor tonight… they’re almost glad to see me leave the house! (laughs)

Was it a long process before realizing your dream?
Yes, because I started studying real estate before the pandemic. I liked going back to school, although going to school has never been easy for me… I started my face-to-face classes and finished them online. I better understood the difficulties my children experienced with online courses. Now, when I advise my daughters to study, it is not based on an experience from 30 years ago! That’s what I learned six months ago.

Going back to school in your late 40s is quite a challenge, right?
It is, but when I have something in mind, I am determined and I carry it out. With the pandemic, I set up my business, and due to the force of circumstances, I had to put aside my studies. After studying to be a real estate broker, I finally decided to go ahead and study to become a commercial real estate broker. In the meantime, I’ve also explored a few avenues…

Are you referring to your parenthesis in politics?
Yes, I ran for councilor for Verdun–Île-des-Sœurs. If I had won my election, it would not have been a full-time job. It was understood that he was going to develop real estate in parallel.

Did it hurt you to lose the election?
No. If I had won and my whole team had won, I would have been super happy. I didn’t win, and neither did my team. It’s very good like this. I have other projects. However, this experience confirmed that I am comfortable with people. He went door to door and enjoyed talking to people. I would even say that this experience bothered me. People don’t know it, but at 17 or 18 I was shy… I took a path that I’m proud of. I am happy to help people through my work. I have never worked for money. If it had been like that, I would have had another job… You have to work hard.

I assume that all the services you offer on the side are part of your firm?
Yes, I offer people to evaluate their residence. When I put a house up for sale, I also offer home staging. I give you some advice. Sometimes a simple coloring makes a big difference. I also make sure I am present during visits. I work with sellers who trust me with their homes, but also with buyers who are looking for them. Knowing the Laurentians, Estrie, and Greater Montreal well, I feel comfortable taking care of a home, wherever it is located. It is a word-of-mouth business. The agents of my banner, Royal Lepage Excellence, received me very well.

And on the television side, are there any upcoming projects?
Precisely, I have not retired from public life: I have several decoration projects for TV. If the television networks still want me, I have many ideas. Fashion will always be tattooed in my heart, but I also love decoration. When we have the eye to see if a dress fits us well, we can see if the wardrobes are well balanced in the house! For me, real estate is not a career change: it is another side of me that people are called to discover. I have always had a practical mind, both in fashion and decoration.

Among the novelties, you have adopted a magnificent puppy. Why at this stage of your life?

Photo: Julien Faugère / TVA Publications

He adopted Angelo for his daughters. “He’s smart and a bit annoying!”

have a dog… I overcame his request by buying him a hamster, a fish, etc., but it didn’t work anymore. Then, with the pandemic, I thought it was a good idea. I am often alone and have time to take care of a dog. However, I have to adapt my schedule: I always have to think about the dog that needs to be fed, to be walked. Angelo is a Poodle and Australian Shepherd mix. He is smart and a bit annoying, but only with others! At home, he sleeps constantly. Adopting an animal is still an important commitment. I am aware that I will have to take care of him for ten years.

And the girls, for their part, continue to grow in beauty and flourishing?

Recently with her daughters Stella and Lily-Rose, at the premiere of Philippe Laprise's new show.

Photo: © Patrick Séguin

Recently with her daughters Stella and Lily-Rose, at the premiere of Philippe Laprise’s new show.

Yes, they are doing very well. They are 13 and 15 years old. Ève will start Secondary V next year. Then it will be the CEGEP. Lily is in second grade. The girls are dancing. Everything is fine for them.

Jean, is there something new in love?

Photo: Julien Faugère / TVA Publications

Yes. I have a blonde, Chantal, who lives in Florida. We’re going to Mexico together for my niece’s wedding. We started seeing each other before the pandemic. I met her in a restaurant in Quebec; Mutual friends introduced us to each other. Her mother has passed away, but Chantal often came to Quebec to see her. Her father also lives here.

Is it difficult to have a long-distance relationship?
Yes, but we talk every day. She is a super simple girl, who has very nice values. She is generous and creative. She is a painter and a nurse. In the past, she was an airline pilot and an interior designer. Let’s just say she’s smart! She decided to dedicate herself to her art, a talent that came from her mother, who was a painter. She is very talented! I’m a designer myself, but I’m not good at drawing. Chantal is very talented. She drew my daughters and the dog: it looks like a photo.

Would you say that a long-distance relationship has more advantages than disadvantages?
He didn’t want to have a blonde full time, always be with the other one. Right now, we’re up against each other, and from time to time she hangs out here or I meet up with her in Florida. It is obvious that now, with real estate, I have less time to travel. For Chantal, it’s easier. When she comes to Quebec, she takes the opportunity to visit her father and her sister. I am often alone. Sometimes it happens to me that the time seems long, but in general, it goes well. We will see how things evolve between us.

Does your partner have children?
Yes, she is the mother of three children. My children have already asked me to meet a woman who would have boys, and this, to have half brothers… It’s a coincidence, but the girls are very happy. I’m glad to see that they get along very well with Chantal and Chantal gets along very well with my daughters. She understands our close relationship. I am generous, she often forgets me for my children, but she makes me happy. My schedule can change quickly because my children ask me for something. It suits me and it’s no problem for Chantal. The children also get along well. At Christmas, we all went to Universal Studios together: we did all the rides.

Photo: Julien Faugère / TVA Publications

You’ve also moved in the meantime…

It was two years ago. I have a new cabin that I plan to renovate. I also bought a property that I just took possession of and that I will use to rent. I’m super busy, time flies and everything is fine… but I work hard. I act when I’m busy. I will also give lectures. I am talking about fashion, but also about trends in decoration. When it comes to reforming a property, it is better to do it timelessly. As Coco Chanel said, fashion is what goes out of style…

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