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Are you the 6pm or 10pm type?

The attention to Sophie Thibault’s transition from the nightly news to the 5 and 6 pm news shows how much the news world has changed. Once considered the most popular time of the day, the 10:00 pm bulletin now looks like all the others.

There is an important aspect that accompanies the mutation of Sophie Thibault, it is that she succeeds a legend. But I confess that when I heard the head of the antenna say that she did not believe that she was “in the plans” of her bosses and that she “took a step back” when they told her that she was proposing this new role, I told myself that the time the armchair at 10 p.m. served as a throne is over.

For years we have known that the bulletins presented at the beginning of the evening reach more viewers. Back in 2010, my colleague Nathalie Collard wrote a report on the “decline of the nightly news.” The decline continued before leveling off.

In a world where news cascades down our phones while we’re in a meeting, the concept of a fixed date before bed is less important.

It’s risky to compare the ratings of the two slots on the two main channels of Radio-Canada and Quebecor. There are two bulletins in the afternoon. Some are presented simultaneously on the general interest channel (TVA or Radio-Canada), some are presented simultaneously on the continuous news channels (RDI and LCN), and others are offered on the national network or the local circuit. In short, it is difficult to see clearly.

But overall, the numbers show us that we now prefer to view images during the day rather than at dinner time. The days of the week, the events and the exclusive polls affect the ratings of both networks and both boxes. Sometimes nets or bulletins are tied.

However, this freer way of consuming information has led the nightly news to redefine itself. Radio-Canada has taken the path of depth with topics covered in more detail by Céline Galipeau and her colleagues. Noovo has just announced that it will bring back the debate formula after its 10 pm bulletin.

Does this mean the death of fixed appointments in the information, especially in the late afternoon? I do not believe that. We need rituals as well as free choice. And above all, we have to be well informed.

The photo

The photo we published of Sophie Thibault on Friday candidly shows a woman who isn’t afraid to show her age. Eh yes! She has little crow’s feet. Eh yes! She has slight wrinkles on her forehead. Just like us.

These traces of life were perceived by Bernard Derome, Pierre Bruneau, or Jacques Moisan as signs of experience, of credibility. This is certainly what Sophie Thibault wants us to remember for her as well. In this sense, we can say that things are changing for women for whom growing old in front of a camera is still difficult.

A friend, who works in the world of television, recently told me how great the inequalities between men and women continue to be in this regard.

The pressure to retire at the first signs of aging is felt most strongly on the female side. From there, the crowded waiting rooms of cosmetic surgery clinics.

TVA did well to ignore this well-established and completely outdated reflex by deciding to offer this new role to Sophie Thibault.

the other Zappa

I am very happy to see that Sophie Thibault will be taking over the evening newsletter. But I am left with the surprise appointment of Pierre-Olivier Zappa at the head of the VAT News Late night.

I have always liked this journalist. Mr. I-don’t-need-a-teleprompter impresses me with his presence, the quality of his French, and his communication skills. He loves it when he uses digital graphics to explain certain aspects of the news.

I remember when he came to TVA. He had told some colleagues that he would be the next big news star on this channel. Some made fun of me.

This passionate about politics and economics, who built his image with his sleeveless suit vests, looks like a top of the class. But he does not give the impression of being elitist. On the contrary, he is close to his viewers of him. He talks to them.

We know what Sophie Thibault is capable of. Pierre-Olivier Zappa will have everything to prove next fall. But I’m not too worried about the result.

And for those who are wondering: yes, he is a relative of the former singer of the same name. But there ends the comparison between rock’s enfant terrible and TVA’s new newscaster.

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