Bad news in the coming days for 3 zodiac signs: they could lose money

Bad news in the coming days for 3 zodiac signs: they could lose money

If the month of June is a festive period for certain signs of the zodiac, it will not be for others who are likely to receive bad news. The reason ? The retrogradation of Saturn in Aquarius from June 4 will be synonymous with loss of money and difficulties.

Annoyances and disappointments can fall on some profiles of the zodiac who will have low morale. Gemini season will be inclement for them and will bring with it the energy of disruption.

Which zodiac signs could receive bad news and lose money during the next few days?

Some signs won’t have the heart to celebrate in early June. Worse yet, they will receive bad news that risks undermining them further. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, which begins as early as June 4, can materialize in financial loss also caused by Gemini season. an unstable sign struggling to manage their budget. The zodiac profiles in question will have to calm their spending frenzy and better anticipate during periods of financial crisis. They could lose a large sum of money due to unforeseen circumstances. To overcome this delicate period, they will have to show serenity and patience.

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Aquarius – Source: spm

This unconditionally loving Air sign will have their nerves tested when Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius on June 4th. You will be plagued with doubts and questions that can affect the morale of this zodiac profile. He will have to let himself go to overcome this complex period where bad news is linked. The Gemini season could disturb you with its instability, especially in terms of finances that will not be in good shape.

A period of unforeseen expenses could reduce your budget drastically In business, a lean period can lead you to question your long-term plans. Aquarius will have to work hard to fix their financial mistakes. To get through this difficult period, you are advised to express your emotions and confide in a caring person. Sometimes, to free yourself from your anxieties, you have to put your pain into words.

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Pisces – Source: spm

This zodiacal profile that belongs to the Water Element will be particularly irritable during this retrogradation of Saturn that will take it to the limit. You may feel that your energy is dropping due to a mental load that you cannot explain. As of June 4, you will be able to take on unpaid charges that undermine your budget and push you to tighten your belt. This period will be complex from an economic point of view since you will have to assume your responsibilities and use your leisure budget. In business, late payments lead you to question the viability of your business. However, you should not give up as this is an unforgiving situation and not a business mistake. You will have to face this period of scarcity that can be fruitful if we learn the right lessons. A loss of money is not always fatal and sometimes it is necessary to take a break to amortize it. Gemini season can affect Pisces to the extent that their emotions will not be stable. A creative activity or a hobby can be a real catharsis for this emotional zodiac sign who tends to panic.

– Sagittarius


Sagittarius – Source: spm

The impulsive adventurer of the zodiac can be a victim of their personality traits! This period will be very complex for Sagittarius who may repent of expenses or investments that can lead to significant debts. He will have to put his pride aside to come to terms with it and move on. Conflicts with his collaborators at work will further undermine his morale because he may question her career and his choices. In business, mistakes could cost him a lot and he could be in the red. The reason ? The crazy things about him that lead him to be more frugal. To take advantage of this periodSagittarius is advised to think twice before spending. Filling a void with superfluous purchases solves nothing. He will have to learn the right lessons to calm his enthusiasm and regain a stable financial life.

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