How to avoid mosquito bites this summer?  there is a very simple trick

How to avoid mosquito bites this summer? there is a very simple trick

Summer has many advantages: the sunny days are longer, the clothes are lighter, we enjoy the fresh air, we have more aperitifs on the terrace, we polish our tan on the beach… But, the summer period also has its share of drawbacks. It brings with it a whole colony of insects that poison our lives. At the top of the podium, of course, we find these insufferable mosquitoes that seem to enjoy ruining our summer. They have the art of exasperating us to the maximum: between their buzzing that prevents us from sleeping at night, those unsightly bites that stick to our skin and those intense itches, it is not pleasant every day. Cheers, here are some natural remedies that will give you quick relief!

Being bitten by mosquitoes is not fun. This causes inflammation in the affected area, redness and intense itching. The bites are the result of saliva injected by the insect that contains anticoagulant agents that allow it to suck blood more easily. With this substance, the blood capillaries are damaged and the immune system secretes histamine that will act on the nervous system and cause the unpleasant sensation of pain. It is not necessary to multiply the medication, you can treat these bites naturally. We also reveal some preventative measures to counteract these nasty critters.

Above all, don’t scratch!

mosquito bite001

A mosquito bites a hand – Source: spm

Did you just get smartly bitten by a mosquito? The first thing to do is to avoid scratching the affected area, even if it itches a lot. The bite runs the risk of becoming even more unsightly, redder and infected. Therefore, it is recommended to relieve itching by other means. The most popular remedy would be the use of saliva: according to popular belief, saliva has an immediate healing effect. This theory divides some and others. But, according to specialists, it certainly provides rapid cooling of the bitten area. And precisely, cooling the affected area is essential after this type of bite, because the cold narrows the blood vessels, reducing the release of substances that promote itching and inhibit inflammatory processes.

For a peaceful summer and peaceful sleep, here’s how to treat mosquito bites without using medication.

Some home remedies are very effective against mosquito bites

mosquito bite

The bite of a mosquito – Source: spm

  • Many people don’t know this trick, but freshly cut onion disinfects the wound and reduces itching. And this, thanks to its antiseptic properties that relieve all pain from mosquito bites, but also from bees or spiders.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, Aloe Vera gel moisturizes and reduces itching. A simple touch to the affected area will give you immediate relief and reduce the multiplication of bacteria.
  • Have you ever tried it? Cabbage leaf juice is also recommended to reduce itching.
  • A very popular grandmother’s remedy, vinegar also has antiseptic properties to relieve itching and prevent you from scratching your bites. The vinegar and water mixture will cool the affected area, disinfect it, and prevent the need to scratch. In addition, vinegar helps heal wounds.
  • Proteins in mosquito saliva break down at a temperature of about 45°C. In other words, even placing a hot metal such as a spoon can bring great relief.
  • It is also a very common remedy: apply an ice pack to the area immediately after a bite to immediately reduce inflammation, itching and discomfort.
  • Another very effective grandmother’s remedy: honey quickly relieves mosquito bites thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Apply a little on the affected area to reduce inflammation and prevent infections.

Attention : Sometimes mosquito bites or other insect bites can cause allergic reactions in some people. Unfortunately, in some extreme cases, this can lead to anaphylactic shock. At this time, it is urgent to go to the doctor.

Prevention is better than cure, as they say. Precisely for this reason, it is always better to take precautions to avoid all these inconveniences related to mosquito bites.

How to protect yourself?

  • Even if it’s not easy in summer, try to wear loose but long enough clothes.
  • Put mosquito nets on all windows.
  • Keep the indoor temperature cool and dry, as mosquitoes like it hot and humid.
  • You can prepare a natural spray based on essential oils to prevent bites. The choice is endless: sprinkle your body with lemongrass, rosemary, cedar or clove. This gives off a very annoying smell for mosquitoes that will move away from you and will not come to bite you. You can apply this same spray as a fragrance in your salons.

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