I tried the new Samsung Galaxy S22 and it enlightened me a lot over the weekend

I tried the new Samsung Galaxy S22 and it enlightened me a lot over the weekend

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I have never been so impressed.

My name is Isabella and I woke up on a cold and sullen Saturday morning to a surprise on my doorstep. Samsung sent me six phones from its new Galaxy S22 range.

Here I am showing off my new toys.

I decided to upgrade my current 4 year old phone and pick up a new one to get me through the weekend. I was spoiled for choice with the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra.

Like any good phone enthusiast, First I looked at the datasheet. But, like any good social media follower, the camera is one of the most important factors for me. And the Night Photography function was finally going to give relief to my night photos and videos.

I finally chose the Galaxy S22+ in rose gold because the weather was terrible outside, and I needed something sparkly on hand so people would forget it was snowing Again in May. You can also choose from colors like phantom black, phantom white, or green, depending on your mood.

At 6.6 inches, it was the perfect screen for me. But every phone in the Galaxy S22 lineup is created and packaged with recycled materials.[1]so in the end, either choice was a wise choice!

Inspired by the new spark of color in my life (thanks rose gold 🙏), I went in search of a little more color to brighten the day.

and i knew exactly where to go to try out the Galaxy 22+ camera you’ve heard so much about (the rear cameras have multiple resolutions of 50MP + 10MP + 12MP, FYI!)

I’m not a photographer… but the flowers from the corner store did the trick.

I only had to activate the portrait mode (which adds bokeh to the background while highlighting the object in focus) to take high resolution photos worthy of a wedding photographer. Oh yes! OKAY…I think I’m going to quit my regular job.*.

* It’s a joke!

I was so fascinated by these tulips, but I was even more impressed by how well they were captured by the Galaxy S22 and S22+’s 50MP main camera and the S22 Ultra’s 108MP camera.

Thanks to the stunning 120Hz high-resolution display, images are truly vibrant and so vivid they practically jump off the screen.

I liked these photos so much that I had to buy these tulips, take them home to admire them all Saturday.

They even match the picture my mom just painted for me!

After a quiet Saturday, I woke up on Sunday with things to DO. Without a laptop, I grabbed the Galaxy S22 Ultra for a to-do list to get me through the day.

When you pull out the built-in S Pen from the bottom of the phone while it’s asleep, the Samsung Notes app automatically opens.

That is all first from the S range that incorporates an S Pen stylus, making it easy to jot down ideas, notes, doodles, manifestos, love letters and more. I can even send them to my Galaxy Tab S8 without having to put down my S Pen. Let your thoughts run wild!

I was about to cross things off my to-do list when my girlfriend grabbed my phone.

The theme of the weekend was clearly that of flowers. Look at those adorable little flowers that she drew. We love that the S Pen can write, help with navigation, edit photos/videos, and doodle!

We both found the S Pen very satisfying, with that pen-to-paper feel and incredibly easy to use.

A perfectly fun activity to start the day. Now to the to-do list.

But, first of all… dinner!

I took these photos using the “Power” photo setting of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. * Mouth watering *.

No, but seriously, let’s move on. Now on my to-do list.

I watered my plants and saw some new leaves, while talking to my mom on the phone. You can talk and talk, but when our two-hour conversation ended, the battery was still at 97% thanks to the smart long-lasting battery on the Galaxy S22 Ultra (but we’ll come back to this later!)*.

* I’m not going to tell you that, because that will only encourage longer phone calls.

I waited until night to set up my deck, because I wanted to switch from the Galaxy S22 Ultra to the Galaxy S22+ to test Night Photography on it.

I dusted off the chairs, raked up some leaves (or so I thought), and hung up the lights.

But, dear reader, it should be noted that I took the photo on the left in complete darkness. I don’t even have a light for my balcony behind! The Night Photography setting, which also works when capturing video, instantly brightened the image (see the photo on the right without this setting!), and it made me realize that I really had done a terrible job thinking I was getting rid of those leaves.

It’s my birthday week, and like a true Aries, I started decorating my inner space so I could celebrate my birthday for seven full days.

I added some balloons, hung silver stars, turned on my disco light, turned off all the lights, and took some night shots to kick off the last year of my twenties.

The Galaxy S22 lineup really gave my boring weekend a boost. I was able to take photos, share them with my friends on social media, and have fun checking things off my to-do list, all with my new favorite S Pen. Click here to discover the entire Galaxy S22 range.

[1] The material used for the Galaxy S22 range contains 20% recycled plastic from discarded fishing nets in the ocean. The Galaxy S22 line also incorporates post-consumer recycled materials in its speaker module, as well as the internal parts of the power button and volume buttons. In addition to using recycled plastic found in the ocean, Samsung uses 100% recycled paper for the packaging of Galaxy S22 series devices, and we include a protective film made from recycled plastic.

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