McDo: A woman orders a hamburger, discovers a dead lizard on it (video).

A woman in her thirties had a bad surprise when she bit into her hamburger at McDonald’s: it contained a dead lizard.

As a precaution, the mother of an eight-month-old baby decided to stop breastfeeding, because this animal could transmit salmonella, she told our colleagues. She immediately went to McDonald’s to demand an explanation. There, she was offered a small discount on her next meal. The young woman then posted a post on social media, filming the burger in question.

A lawsuit for endangering the lives of others.

The next day, her doctor prescribed antibiotics, because the young woman suffered from nausea, explains Le Parisien. Later, one of the McDonald’s managers ended up contacting her to offer her a settlement. The client then consulted an attorney, who kept the burger in the refrigerator for several weeks. The latter initiated proceedings against McDonald’s for endangering the lives of other people.

Contacted by our colleagues, the company claims to have carried out an internal investigation at the time of the events, to no avail. It also highlights that many audits and controls are applied throughout the preparation of our menus, both with our suppliers and within the establishment. The case will be tried in February 2023, by the court of Pontoise.

Cash Investigation: Elise Lucet would never take her daughter out to McDonald’s.

Élise Lucet is not a fan of Big Mac. The journalist was the guest of Buzz TV, a Le Figaro program, on Thursday, April 7, to speak behind the scenes of the next episode of Cash Investigation, which will be broadcast that same night on France 2 Entitled It’s like that at McDonald’s?, it is dedicated to the rather dubious practices of the American fast-food giant.

Adults, children, the elderly. Nonetheless, McDonald’s has managed to attract emulators from all over the world, from all age groups combined. In France there are more than 1,400 restaurants selling almost 2 million meals a day.

But it is certainly not Élise Lucet who contributed to this success. In my life, I must have eaten there five times. It was during filming, when there was nothing else and she had no other choice, she told Buzz TV, adding that she prefers to cook with natural ingredients. That’s why she never took her daughter there:

When she was old enough to understand, I told my daughter I would never take her to McDonald’s or Disney. However, she never stopped him from consuming McDonald’s. Other people took her away. She liked it, but she likes it less and less, she explained.

One year investigation

Problematic nutritional balance, questionable management methods, employment contracts that circumvent the law, unfair dismissals. For this new episode of Cash Investigation, journalist Zoé de Bussière conducted the investigation for more than a year. Another reporter on the team got a job at one of the chain’s restaurants.

He filmed his job interview and his discussions with his colleagues with a hidden camera. We learn, for example, that she was forced to work 15 hours a week, while according to the Labor Code, the minimum duration of a part-time job is 24 hours. A labor inspectorate that sticks its nose in and extracts confessions from employees would be forced to intervene, Zoé de Bussière said in an interview with published on April 7.


The cash research team also shows some of McDonald’s qualities. It is a company that is still concerned with improving the points on which it has been criticized for a long time. When it comes to displaying the composition of their food, McDonald’s makes an effort. They favor French meat supply subsidiaries and have introduced vegetables and fruit, the journalist said. The episode will air from 9:05 p.m. on France 2, this Thursday, April 7.

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