Top prospects: Scott Wheeler ranks Juraj Slafkovsky behind the three players drafted after him

Top prospects: Scott Wheeler ranks Juraj Slafkovsky behind the three players drafted after him

Every year, Scott Wheeler ranks the top 50 prospects in the NHL. So there are prospects 23 and under who are not established in the NHL. Cole Caufield therefore dropped out of the list.

Obviously, it won’t surprise you to learn that Juraj Slafkovsky is the Canadiens’ top prospect, but perhaps the range we find him in might cause a surprise.

The prospect expert placed Slave 10th in his rankings. But let’s put some context to justify the surprise.

While the first choice of the 2022 auction is in 10th place, we realize it’s not there because of the weak crop, but because Wheeler sees the guys recruited at ranks #2, #3 and #4 in front of him.

Shane Wright (3), Simon Nemec (4) and Logan Cooley (5) are all ahead of Slafkovsky in the eyes of the journalist, who has been working at The Athletic for a few years.

Therefore, they are not only against the Slave, but they have a good advantage.

Does that mean you don’t believe in young people? No. He also says, from the beginning of his explanation, that being ranked seventh-best attacker — the list includes attackers and defenders — is a big deal.

He also claims that he could very well become the best striker on this list.

That said, he had concerns before the draft about his size (he’s potentially too big for the type of player he’s looking to become) and his offensive production last year.

Obviously, Slave wasn’t the most popular choice for a lot of people and everyone knows that. That said, all the guys in his crop have to do some testing and it’s too early to say whether, in 10 years, this will result in an advantage for CH or not. It’s part of the beauty of talking about prospects and not established players a la Jonathan Huberdeau vs. Matthew Tkachuk.

But he is not the only hope on the list. Kaiden Guhle ranks as the 12th defenseman on the list and 37th overall. He doesn’t necessarily see him needing a trade to Laval, which would potentially open the doors to the Canadian’s locker room at this point.

His decision making, his leadership, the accuracy of his shots and his defensive play are all assets that the journalist loves.

And in 46th place, as well as third hope in Montreal, we find Lane Hutson. Thus, he is ahead of Filip Mesar and Owen Beck, who were picked before him by the CH during the most recent NHL auction. He sees such a brilliant player on the ice and a good defensive player as well.

That says a lot about his potential, as he’s the 19th Wheeler player drafted in 2022. He’s a unique player who could grow into, potentially, a home run under the new administration. And it has everything to become a fan favorite.

Note that, in order and disorder, Wheeler added his honorable mentions, guys who didn’t make the top 50. And of the lot, there are four players whose rights belong to the CH.

We are talking here about Sean Farrell, Jordan Harris, Filip Mesar and Joshua Roy from Quebec. Since there are 30 honorable mentions, we can say that CH has seven players in the expert’s top-80.

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– Will you find work?

– Will he make it?

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