Expats: These three Quebecers left Quebec to live the life of their dreams

Expats: These three Quebecers left Quebec to live the life of their dreams

These Quebecers have left the beautiful province to settle abroad, where they lead a life that resembles them.

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They tell us about their trip and share with us their favorites for their corner of paradise.

Shani Lesbats – Mexico City and Mazunte, Mexico

Why did you choose Mexico?

I left Quebec 10 years ago. I have traveled to Europe, North Africa, India, Nepal and America. The pandemic has done me a favor; It had to stop somewhere! (laughs) No kidding, I get along with people and I don’t feel too far from home. Also, my work is done beautifully from here.

Exactly what is your job?

In a small town by the sea, Mazunte, I organize health retreats. People can take their vacations in Mexico and live this experience with me under the coconut trees! That said, most of my work is done online, as I developed the Chandra Method, a revitalizing cure that people can do from the comfort of their own homes! To encourage them to make changes, it is easier to support them in their daily lives!

What prompted you to leave in the first place?

It’s funny, I had a good life in Montreal, my career as a naturopath was going very well. But I wanted to have a real contact with medicinal plants and the earth. So I went to study permaculture in the south of France. Then I continued traveling… and never came back!

What do you miss about Quebec?

Every Christmas I miss my parents and my grandfather, who will be 102 years old!

What is the first thing you would advise us to do in Mexico City or Mazunte? A retreat with me! (laughs) Seriously, I would recommend the temazcal. [NDLR: une hutte à sudation, connue ici sous le terme «sweat lodge»]because it is part of the ancestral culture of Mexico.

We follow Shani by going to her Facebook page Shani Lesbats Naturopathe.

Patricia and Sarah Desamours – Miami, United States

They have both lived in Miami for a few years. Did you make the decision to move in together?

Patricia: In fact, my sister left before me, about eight years ago. I am a professional makeup artist and I started my career in Montreal. Later, I wanted more action for my business to flourish. So I moved to Miami five years ago. When I arrived, I knew people (including my sister!), but no one to help me shoot my business at full speed. I had to start from scratch. Today I have a large number of clients, I work on photo shoots, videos, I go to many festivals, like the Ultra Music Festival, where I am the main make-up artist. My life is really hectic! Also, I will be launching my own makeup line this summer, Patricia’s Canvas! It took me a lot of work, I had to get out of my comfort zone… Miami is really another world.

Sarah: It’s a shallow city! (laughs) For my part, I had a child with an American. So I had the option to go there or stay in Montreal. I moved to see if I was going to like the city and as soon as I arrived I had a bad experience with a real estate agent… That’s when I realized that most agents suck. (laughs) I saw an opportunity there! I decided to go into this field and surrounded myself with good real estate agents. I learned the trade and studied the city, which I now know like the back of my hand. They were two good years. I worked hard… and it ended up working!

Would you say Miami is your new home today?

P: Since I arrived after my sister and we have family here, Miami was already my second home. It was a bit of a culture shock at first, but there are great prospects. Things went well for me! We meet people who come from everywhere. is a big melting potand I’m happy to be a part of it.

S: I didn’t like Miami very much at first, but its proximity to the rest of the world is perfect for practicing my profession: I can easily move to New York or Europe, where it is possible to develop a network of interesting clients for work… And from here, I can go back to Montreal easily!

Precisely, do you miss Quebec?

S: Yes! i even look double occupancy! (laughs) Montreal, in particular, has an inexplicable energy…and the food is better!

P: It’s true, I miss the quality of the food! Montreal cakes are 1000 times better than those in the United States. And then of course I miss my friends… It’s still our home anyway… We grew up there! We are spoiled in Montreal, and we don’t know it!

We follow Patricia and Sarah on their respective Instagram pages: @patriciascanvas and @sarahdesamours.

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