Sick podcast: If Carey's price is traded, it could be via a three-team trade

Sick podcast: If Carey’s price is traded, it could be via a three-team trade

Carey Price’s health status has been a matter of questioning for CH for quite some time. After the team’s playoff run in the summer of 2021, she underwent knee surgery and was only able to return to action at the end of the season.

Even if he does return, though, it’s hard to know if Price will be able to play again next year. He had a plasma injection in his knee a few weeks ago, but there’s been radio silence on the record ever since.

And even if we assume that he will be able to return to the game, the fact that he is now 35 years old (today is his birthday) and his state of health suggests that he will probably no longer be at the peak. of the art of him when the CH begins to aim for the playoffs (and the Stanley Cup).

In short, the idea of ​​trading him to another team is interesting, but these question marks, as well as his cap blow $10.5 million annual fee means he’s not the envy of many teams. However, in the event that he comes back strong this season and there is some interest in him in the coming months, there may be a way to trade him: in a three-team trade.

Trege Wilson, who covers CH’s activities for The Hockey Writers and Habs Unfiltered, mentioned it in particular on today’s episode of Tony Marinaro’s Sick Podcast.

Wilson explains that, at this point, the only destination that would make minimal sense for a (two-team) trade involving Price is Dallas. Negotiations between the Stars and Jake Oettinger appear to have stalled, and in a scenario where the two sides can’t find a way to come to terms, the Stars might have room to accommodate Price (at 50% of his salary, very probably).

That said, it’s far from the most logical scenario, so let’s take the time to look at one that has a little more validity: that of a three-team trade.

I’ll take the example of the trade that brought David Savard to Tampa Bay in 2020-21. At the time, Savard was a member of the Blue Jackets and Lightning didn’t have the money to pay his salary or even 50% of it.

To accomplish this, therefore, the Blue Jackets sent Savard (withholding 50% of his salary) to the Red Wings in exchange for Brian Lashoff. Then immediately after, the Red Wings traded Savard to the Lightning (retaining 50% of his salary which was already 50% withheld by the Blue Jackets, so the Red Wings kept the equivalent of 25% of salary) for Tampa Bay to keep Savard. 25% of his salary.

David Savard came to Tampa Bay last year in a three-team trade.

Let us now take the case of Price with concrete figures.

Suppose an aspiring team has an interest in Price, but can only absorb a quarter of his salary. In such a case, the CH would trade Price to a team that has room on its payroll by withholding 50% ($5.25 million) of his salary. So this team would retain 50% of the salary already withheld (so $2.625 million) to send to a contender that would only have to pay $2.625 million annually for Price.

Indeed, it’s a scenario that makes sense, but there’s still a reason why it doesn’t. probable : The fact that there are still four years left on Price’s deal.

By changing Price, the CH would likely be willing to pay $5.25 million per year through the end of the deal. After all, he saves the same amount for a goalkeeper who doesn’t match his timeline anyway.

However, that could be problematic for the team that has room on the roster right now. In the world of hockey, everything can change quickly, and a team that has a place this summer may need it in three years, for example. And if they end up paying nearly $3 million for a player who will never have been a member of the organization, it could hurt.

Therefore, the trade price will be a complex scenario in any case. A three-team trade is probably the most logical path, but again, it’s not a perfect solution. You will really have to find a perfect situation to satisfy all the parties involved, and that is not done.

I remain fairly convinced that Price will end his career in Montreal by force of circumstance, but he will have to be watched, therefore.

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