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Nintendo’s intellectual property, Super Smash Bros., has been dominating fighting games, especially platform-style ones, for years. While some purists prefer Street Fighter-style games, it’s impossible to deny the importance of SSB in this slice of the gaming universe. Many have tried to compete with him, but few are still alive to boast of any feat. Will the newcomer from Warner Bros. Multiversus be a strong rival to Super Smash Bros.?

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Does Multiversus have what it takes to compete?

Obviously, every game of its kind is first differentiated by its playable characters. One of the strengths of Super Smash Bros. is that you can play with your favorite characters like Link and see them compete against other rivals like Bowser or Pikachu. Here, the Multiversus doesn’t give up its place by having access to DC Comics characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Looney Tunes and more.

So, Multiversus is free. This ease of access could prove to be an important differentiator. In fact, if anyone is looking for a game like this, their alternatives were Nickelodeon All-Star, which is around $50, Super Smash Bros. around $80, or Brawlhalla, which is also free, but doesn’t necessarily have the same appeal. . In fact, the latter does not contain characters from known franchises and its artistic direction differs a bit from the other three. Despite these differences, Brawlhalla continues to have moderate but steady success over the years and a strong player base.

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Why would a gamer buy Nickelodeon All-Star when a similar, if not better, version exists for free? And then if the player is ready to pay, then nothing dethrones Super Smash Bros. yet. Latest. Not to mention standard fighting games like Dragonball Fighter Z.

Finally, Multiversus uses Rollback Netcode, which is popular in the world of fighting games. So much so that Dragon Ball FighterZ announced that it will make an update to use this code in the future. In short, Netcode Rollback allows for more stable and more faithful online games in terms of response time. In short, Multiversus doesn’t do a lot of completely original things, but it delivers on the industry’s first key success factors.

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What differentiates Multiversus from other options?

The main central aspect of Multiversus’s appeal is its emphasis on 2v2 mode. Most fighting games give 1v1 a high priority, and sometimes have duplicate tournaments to complement the main mode. The Warner Bros. game, on the other hand, focuses on 2v2 mode by integrating powers specifically created to synergize with your teammates. For example, Wonder Woman can quickly move towards her ally to strengthen them both, and Reindog can catch up to his falling teammates.

Then Multiversus experiments with character classes and pretty daring concepts. Superman is a tank type character while Batman is more of a Bruiser. A Tank is harder to get out of the arena, while Assassins will be more focused on dealing damage.

Then some characters offer interesting mechanics. For example, Lebron James can pass the ball to his teammate, who will return it for James to soak over your opponent. It is these kinds of techniques that make the game different from its opponents. The inclusion of actual co-op is interesting to say the least and makes for some memorable moments. Finally, Multiversus offers a progression completely cross platform as well as their online games.

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Will it be able to last?

Most newcomers to this field are popular at first, but can generate enough buzz to really dominate the space. Dragonball FighterZ initially released to several thousand players, but is currently only around 10% of its monthly average peak according to Steamcharts. Meanwhile, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl hasn’t averaged even 100 players for over 6 months. It goes without saying that an online fighting game that hardly finds players is not at all appealing, especially when you have to pay for it.

Finally, Brawlhalla managed to generate interest for a long time. Although the average player count is currently in decline (perhaps due to the launch of Multiversus), it has seen steady growth since November 2015, tripling its average player count and even peaking at 34,000 players, according to Steamcharts.

Time will tell what happens with Multiversus, but it does have several qualities needed for a solid fighting game.

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