The rings of power |  One series to rule them all

The rings of power | One series to rule them all

The first two episodes of power rings they have been on screen since Thursday night. The series released on Prime Video is dizzying; More than a billion dollars have already been invested in this epic that plunges us back into the unique universe created by JRR Tolkien. Take a look at the phenomenon that blurs the line between television and film.

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Pierre-Marc Durivage

Pierre-Marc Durivage

Fantasy sagas are more popular than ever on the small screen. HBO returns to delight in the work of George RR Martin with the house of the dragon – the first episodes released since August 21 broke the audience records of the American broadcaster. Amazon, with the blessing and personal commitment of its boss Jeff Bezos, an ardent Tolkien fan, is using big media to get its share of the pie.

If HBO can count on the author himself to write the script for the universe of game of Thrones, Amazon takes on a holy monster by creating a new series based on Tolkien’s work. A colossal task not only because we are talking here about the creator of modern fantasy literature, but also because the film adaptation of the Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson’s film has had a huge following, winning dozens of Oscars along the way.

“Can you imagine having to return to this universe loved by all and having to take on the challenge of reaching the level of excellence set by Peter Jackson? co-producer Patrick McKay wondered, in an interview with Vanity Fair.

At all times we were aware of the great expectations [que la série suscite].

Patrick McKay, co-producer

The first two episodes are reassuring from all points of view. The setting is rich and detailed, the special effects more than convincing, they immerse us directly in the visual universe portrayed by Peter Jackson. It is not surprising when it is known that John Howe, illustrator of Tolkien’s work forever, returns to be part of the adventure, shot mostly in New Zealand. We are also there in terms of musical atmospheres, with the talented Bear McCreary having been able to enlist the help of Howard Shore, composer of the unforgettable plot of the trilogies of Lord of the Rings Y Hobbit.


The music was composed for the occasion, but it awakens in us the same emotions that we feel when we see the original trilogy. Because creators Patrick McKay and JD Payne wisely chose to keep the tone of the Jackson films, which showed great respect for Tolkien’s work. The dramatic intensity is provided by the Elves and the elusive threat of the forces of evil, while the weight of darkness is balanced by the kindness of the sullen Dwarves and the cheerful Pievelus, nomadic ancestors of the Hobbits.


Elrond visiting Khazad-Dûm, great dwarven city

One could therefore reproach the scriptwriters for having modeled a proven recipe, but this would be to ignore the fact that the story, inspired mainly by the appendices of the Lord of the Rings, has many more ramifications than the trilogy, especially since the writers indulged in a time warp that allowed them to concentrate certain key events in time. This serves the story and allows for the integration of important characters, mostly human, unfortunately mortal, as opposed to elves. Purists may be surprised, but they were also surprised when The Fellowship of the Ring hit the big screen in 2001, and history has shown that their complaints have in no way compromised the company’s success.

Even so, what they offer us today on Prime Video is legitimately in line with the path traced by those who wanted to pay tribute to Tolkien’s genius. The operation is ambitious and its deployment is remarkably cinematic. It is almost a sin that the series is destined for the small screen. So please do yourself a favor and don’t watch this on your phone…

Encamped in the Second Age of Middle-earth, thousands of years before the Lord of the Ringsthe events of power rings first focus on the resurgent threat of the shadowy Sauron. Everyone believes that it was destroyed forever, with the notable exception of the young Galadriel, spirited commander of the elven forces in the north, this was long before she became the great lady we knew as Cate Blanchett in Peter Jackson’s films. . Elrond, also much younger, lays the foundation for his benevolent power as a close adviser to the great king Gil-galad, in particular assisting the famous blacksmith Celebrimbor, the very one who will make the rings of power, unknowingly connected to the One. Ring that Sauron will forge in the fire of Amon Amarth, the Mountain of Destiny.

A new episode on Amazon Prime every Friday (starting next Friday)

the key characters



Galadriel (Morfydd Clark)

An elven warrior, she chooses to remain in Middle-earth, against her king’s wishes, convinced that the threat posed by the wizard Sauron remains. She wants to continue the work of her brother Finrod, who fell in battle while pursuing Sauron.



Elrond (Robert Aramayo)

Elven diplomat serving in Middle-earth under High King Gil-galad. A friend of the Dwarves, he tries to convince them to help him build the largest forge ever built, a work capable of creating objects of inestimable power.



Ronda (Ismael Cruz Cordova)

An elven soldier stationed in the southern lands, in support of the human populations there. He leaves his garrison to stay with the human herbalist Bronwyn, before realizing the threat still lingers.



Bronwyn (Nazanin Boniadi)

As Rounding investigates a mysteriously devastated nearby town, Bronwyn faces a danger that has been lurking for many years. She organizes the flight from her town.


Elanor “Nori” Brandifoot

Elanor “Nori” Brandifoot (Markella Kavenagh)

A young Woodstalker who travels with her nomadic clan in Rhovanion, a vast region east of the Misty Mountains. She will meet a mysterious character who has arrived in the most spectacular way.

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