Top 12 CH hopefuls |  8th position: The great Sean Farrell

Top 12 CH hopefuls | 8th position: The great Sean Farrell

During the introductory text to our tally of the Habs’ biggest hopes for 2022, we stupidly left out two players who certainly would have deserved to be in the many honorable mentions: Emil Heineman and Ty Smilanic. Let’s chalk it up to “summer distractions” (also called pesky renovations) and compulsive typing during long car rides in the passenger seat!

That said, both acquired by Kent Hughes in major trades that also involved first-round picks for Toffoli and Chariot, Heineman and Smilanic have VERY similar profiles, so it’s likely they’ll compete for the same positions in Montreal.

We’ll see if these fiery left backs will ever don the blue-white-red uniform, but like many other “honorable mentions,” they both seem to have the necessary qualities — between speed, intensity and shooting — to aspire to the very realistic NHL in a bottom 6.

End of preamble and my fault!

Our article of the day will be about a player who is still talked about a little more than Heineman and Smilanic in the cabins: Sean Farrell.

The American recently ranked fourth on a very, very short list of prospects concocted by his counterpart… Sean Farrell (!), a correspondent for, ranked fourth, which is sure to excite more than one .

However, unlike our top 12 of the most important hopes of the organization, the top 5 from, doesn’t include youngsters with slightly more NHL mileage like Caufield and Dach. From this perspective, the idea of ​​placing Farrell in fourth place behind Slafkovsky, Guhle and Barron is therefore not far-fetched.

It can even defend itself very well.

But by placing Jordan Harris at 5me step, ranks 11th with us, stating that Harris has played At the last Senior World Championship in the USA, Sean Farrell, the correspondent, is pretty much discrediting himself as a prospect evaluator, because Jordan Harris sadly didn’t play a single game at the World Championship this year…


So one can seriously wonder how many hours he spent putting together his list and view hopes…

End of parentheses!

So far we have established the following order:
12. Philip Mesar
11. Jordan Harris
10. Joshua Roy (tie for 9th place)
9. Logan Mailloux

In number eight, we go to our own evaluation of Sean Farrell!

Sean Farrell | Last classification: honorable mention
Potential: 32.5 / 40
Insurance: 14 / 20
Use value: 23.5 / 30
Commercial value: 6.5 / 10

Overall: 76.5 / 100

We must admit to being rather skeptical when many were turned on by Farrell’s exploits with Chicago Steel in the USHL. Farrell, who should have played his freshman season at Harvard that year, was 19 years old and outrageously led the league with 101 points in 53 games. He will be voted player of the league as well as contributing greatly to Steel’s Clark Cup win.

We think we have yet to put Farrell’s records and accomplishments before he came to Harvard last year into perspective, but we will admit that he made a very successful transition to the university level. Harvard may not be in the strongest division, and at 20 Farrell wasn’t a ‘real’ First year student, but without a doubt it is worth noting to maintain an average of more than one point per game (28 points in 24 games) in a so-called defensive league.

Without being a rocket on skates, Farrell is a good skater. He uses a wide base and displays a very nice agility reminiscent of Jeff Skinner, as in his very good goal here at 0:48:

If you know little about Farrell, I recommend you watch the full video above. It was arguably one of the American’s very good games at Harvard last season and you’ll see all the highlights.

CAVEAT: Several sequences from #21 are very convincing!

He is both dynamic AND intelligent as well as displaying excellent vision and a great sense of the game. In addition to his intelligence and passing qualities, skill development coach Adam Nicholas, who has known him since his time in Chicago, recently praised the excellence of his shot.

“He is phenomenal. He knows how to read ice. He is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. This boy will be very, very special. He thinks of the game and has elite tools; the shot from him is really underrated. He has a killer shot. And he is an elite passer. »
– Adam Nicholas

In short, in terms of hockey skills and IQ, Farrell, if not elite, is certainly above average and seems destined to evolve in a top 6, where he could have the ability to make his teammates better.

The first positive sign after Farrell’s selection was immediate and came from none other than Cole Caufield who, perhaps a little biased, did not hesitate to call your friend’s pick at 124 a “steal”me range.

Since then, the CH hasn’t rushed anything in his case and will let him gain physical maturity at Harvard again this season, before hoping to see him go to the pros at age 21, perhaps as early as next spring. He will have given three seasons of quality development to Farrell and he will therefore arrive practically as a finished product within the Habs. Furthermore, his development will have included inspiring performances at the Olympics and the World Championships where, without being a dominant player like Juraj Slafkovsky, he was seen to do very well.

Farrell isn’t a giant at 5’9 and 174 pounds, but thanks to his great balance and low center of gravity, he’s solid on his skates. A few extra pounds of muscle certainly won’t hurt, but his modest size doesn’t seem like a factor that could greatly affect his chances of succeeding in the pros, either on the wings or in the center.

Beyond all that, we feel that both the old and the new management love the player and that we want to put him in a position to develop his full potential. He was certainly made to feel that he was held in high esteem when at the last development camp, he was paired with Slafkovsky, the new gem of the organization and the first pick in the last draft.

a beautiful a little pat on the back… and an indicator that we have him for the future.

use value

So the Canadian clearly has plans for Farrell and if our reading of the situation is correct, we wouldn’t be surprised if he projects as a dynamic 2 trio that could produce alongside talented players as well as on the power play. With his speed and anticipation, it’s also not impossible that one day he could play behind.

If we were to compare him to other prospects in the organization, it seems like at this stage he has better opportunities than Jan Mysak, Owen Beck, Filip Mesar and Roy to break through. top 6 and play the power game in the reasonable future. We don’t think your stay at the Rocket will be very long. In fact, he may not even go through Laval at all…

Farrell may not start his career with a second line, but he has several threads to his arc. These should allow you to establish yourself well in the club hierarchy in no time. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that he will quickly become an important and useful player in Montreal.

With the anticipated departures of Byron, Drouin, Hoffman in the coming months, the path could clear up pretty quickly for a player with Farrell’s profile…

That said, the fact that sooner or later he’ll be in competition with young Mesar, Beck and Mysak, picked in the early rounds, and who share a similar profile as him (centers who can play wide), doesn’t make it. not necessarily do it indispensable Y weird within the team

That’s enough to take a few points off for use value and rarity.

trade in value
Picked late in the fourth round (124), Farrell has certainly gained a lot of value since his draft. Also, if he were to do the latter again, the little American would probably be ranked bottom or at the beginning of 2me round. Though it still seems too early to scream genius, he so far lives up to his 2020 draft “steal” tag.

Of course, until he plays a game in the pros, this value will remain highly speculative, but there is no doubt that several executives, in addition to applauding his play at Harvard, have taken notes on Farrell in the two major competitions in which he participates. . he participated in 2022.

This tells us that when Hughes talks to his counterparts about meeting needs elsewhere, his name is likely to come up more and more in discussions, and with the Roys, Mysaks, Mesars, and Becks in the background, perhaps especially Mysak, who stays right-handed and has great versatility: it is not excluded that Hughes may be tempted to sell Farrell in a trade one day.

But as attractive as the American may be in the eyes of some, his profile as a smart little attacking player with some potential isn’t exactly weird at the NHL level; he’s not even in Montreal. Many teams rely on their own “Sean Farrell” in their organization and aren’t necessarily looking for a second…

Along with Joshua Roy, Farrell could very well be the last little gem of the later rounds of the Timmins era. But Farrell appears to be a bit ahead of Roy and his other competitors within the organization.

Roy, who is tied with Mailloux for 9/10 on our list, and Farrell are two offensive players with very different styles, but who, in the end, may even compare in terms of raw talent. However, we tend to give Farrell a slight advantage because of his versatility, his dynamism and the maturity of his 200-foot game.

In the worst case, thanks to its versatility, the American could evolve into a third line that would have a certain punch. But we really like your chances of finally settling on a top 6 because of his too many offensive qualities. It seems that there is a small sewing machine running through your house all the time.

Who knows, maybe the southpaw Farrell will one day develop a very natural chemistry with his right-handed friend Caufield.

An even better chemistry than the one between Suzuki and this same Caufield? At this stage, no one can say and everything is still possible. After all, at the same age, Suzuki was not radically better than farell…

It will therefore be a decisive year of training for the latter at Harvard.

An opportunity to move to a higher level as you may never have turned pro again.

We meet again in a few days with the 7th position!

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