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OK, here we go with a lightning review of the new miniseries. Pet of Novo. It is played delicately. It is written with the necessary nuances. It’s heartbreaking with enough touches of humor to lower the tension. And, above all, it is hyper confrontational.

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Because author Simon Boulerice explores the forbidden bond between a fifth-grade teacher, masterfully played by Évelyne Brochu, and her 17-year-old student, camped out by an arrogant and vulnerable Lévi Doré.

Pet, which starts on Wednesday, September 14 at 8:00 p.m., immediately condemns this illegal sentimental relationship. There is no ambiguity there. The first image of the series also shows the arrest of the 37-year-old teacher as well as the interrogation suffered by her young lover. Then, the story – inspired by that of the American Mary Kay Letourneau – goes back two months and exposes, with subtlety and sensitivity, how the two protagonists have slowly slipped into this toxic romance.

Pet it always evolves in gray areas, and this is what puts us in a very uncomfortable moral position. Professor Chanelle Chouinard, known as Chouchou (Évelyne Brochu), is not an ugly predator. She lives happy days with her husband Jeff (Steve Laplante), a grocery store owner, and her two children. Chouchou loves her students, her work, and her bicycle. She even hosts a lunchtime book club.

The day Sandrick (Lévi Doré) arrives for his French class, a valve opens and the whirlwind sweeps Chanelle away. She is greatly disturbed by this curious, drooling, sensitive and charming teenager. But why ?

Chanelle obviously doesn’t jump on Sandrick in the first few seconds. Their relationship begins smoothly, and sometimes against her will, which is even more tortuous, in a way. It would be so easy to condemn this abusive woman and take pity on her underage victim. But no, Simon Boulerice evokes the many facets of this complex and controversial issue.

First, Sandrick comes from a broken and disadvantaged home. His inadequate mother Patricia (Sophie Cadieux) lives on welfare and rots the atmosphere of her dingy lodging. Raised in violence, Patricia, the drunken alcoholic, loves her son, but very, very badly.

In Chanelle’s arms, Sandrick finds, in a way, the comfort that his mother did not offer him. On her part, Chanelle reconnects with the feeling of being wanted. They’re both making out in the worst possible way, we get along. And both suffer from it.

The plot that Simon Boulerice (six degrees) unfolds over eight one-hour episodes makes us feel empathy, yes, for the victim (Sandrick), but also for the person in a position of authority who commits the reprehensible acts (Chanelle).

We do not excuse the behavior of this teacher who loses her balance and staggers, but we understand why she was sucked into this destructive spiral.

Around the main core, Simon Boulerice grafts earthy supporting characters, including Chouchou’s sister Cindy (Pascale Renaud-Hébert), an unambitious aspiring dog groomer addicted to her vaporizer. Josée Deschênes dresses in the semi-chic clothes of Sandra Malo, a talkative former sister-in-law who is vying for a $75,000 inheritance from Patricia, Sandrick’s mother.

Don’t expect big turns on Pet. It’s a psychological drama that sneaks into our living rooms, with some comedic notes to the Can you hear ?. If all the news reaches this caliber, this return to school promises to be very exciting.

METERme Disaster ?

The disaster so feared by some fellow columnists did not force the CRTC to pull the plug on RDI on Friday afternoon. The outgoing Conservative MP for Iberville, Claire Samson, participated in the show country fans by Sébastien Bovet without overflowing or shattering the production.

METERme Samson even played nice with his four fellow panelists and wrapped up the show with a big laugh on set.

In short, the old brown tower did not collapse with the appearance in the air of Claire Samson, who was relevant and more serene than during her zoom smoked.

The image we had of this ex-persimmon had been shaped, in large part, by the Marc Labrèche caricatures on the show. This year from Tele-Quebec. However, Claire Samson is not a “bogeyman”, unlike other activists who gravitate around the Conservative Party of Quebec. METERme Samson had a brilliant career as a television manager, notably at TVA, TQS and Radio-Canada, before jumping into the political arena.

On the other hand, Claire Samson also inaugurated on Monday the first number of The day (still young) on the airwaves of 95.1 FM and, again, nothing out of place to report. Even presenter Jean-Philippe Wauthier seemed surprised by the calm and pragmatism of this 67-year-old politician. If you liked the columnist Louise Cousineau on our pages, tell yourself that Claire Samson, who is one of her great friends, looks a lot like her.

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