With this Philips Hue starter kit, home automation is more affordable (-25%)

With this Philips Hue starter kit, home automation is more affordable (-25%)

A reference in connected light, Philips has established itself among the general public. If you want to buy it, that’s fine because a starter kit containing two bulbs and a portable lamp costs €129.99 vs. €169.99.

Philips Hue E27 + Hue Go Bundle

Philips Hue is an essential reference in the connected lighting market. The possibilities are endless to personalize the interior of your home. On top of that, installation is simple. The only drawback is the relatively high price… Fortunately, packages that already have everything you need to get started with peace of mind don’t require you to break the bank. This is the case today with this kit that includes two bulbs and a portable lamp with the connection bridge for less than 130 euros.

The main thing to remember about this package.

  • Two light bulbs + a connected portable lamp
  • The Philips Hue app to personalize your lighting
  • Compatibility with the main voice assistants

Instead of a strikethrough price of €169.99, the Philips Hue starter kit (E27 + Hue Go) is available for sale at €129.99 on Rue du Commerce.

Easy installation in Philips Hue

Philips offers with Hue the widest range of connected light bulbs. And if you’re new to connected lighting, please note that installation is easy: you need to install the Hue Bridge included in this package. The bridge is essential to benefit from a long range, since Philips Hue bulbs use the Zigbee protocol, not Wi-Fi. This solution also consumes less energy. The bridge must be connected to your Internet box – the bulbs will immediately be ready to turn on after that.

Create a personalized environment

In this pack there are two White & Color E27 bulbs that light up in no less than 16 million shades of colors to create a personalized and harmonious atmosphere in your living room. You can very easily adjust the intensity and color of the bulbs directly from the Philips Hue app. This way you can control them remotely, from your smartphone or tablet. In the latter, it will also be possible to program the switching on or off of the connected lights, or even simulate a presence by turning them on even if you are not at home. The assistants Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri will be there to make your work easier and control your lights by voice.

What is HueGo?

The Philips Hue Go stands out from other products of the brand, because it does not need to be permanently plugged in to work. It is a bowl-shaped LED lamp with a battery that gives it 3 hours of autonomy. As a result, you can easily take it with you either indoors for a romantic dinner, for example, or even outdoors to enhance the atmosphere of your evenings.

This lamp only offers five light effects, so for a more personalized experience just go to the Philips Hue app which gives you access to over 16 million colours. If your smartphone isn’t within easy reach, know that there’s a built-in command on the back of the Hue Go. You will be able to access different lighting settings and use the already pre-defined dynamic lighting effects. These modes allow you to create an atmosphere according to the moment, for example during your reading, the light will be strong enough to allow you to read or, if you are meditating, the intensity of the light will be lower. All of these modes are available without the app.

In the latter, it will also be possible to program the Philips Hue Go on or off, create light scenarios and much more. And of course, the Hue Go can be controlled just as easily with your voice thanks to Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

To equip you with Philips Hue

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