Anthony Richard scores twice in Reds win

Anthony Richard scores twice in Reds win

The annual Reds vs. Whites matchup took place today at the Bell Centre. Typically, this is the first opportunity for fans to see Habs players evolve in person.

Except there were several major absences today. Obviously, the injured, like Nick Suzuki and Joel Edmundson, were not present.

But several youngsters were also missing, such as Kaiden Guhle, Juraj Slavkovsky and Cole Caufield.

Given that the team will play a total of eight exhibition games, including one tomorrow night, it’s possible the organization wanted to give some players a little rest. Regardless, it was disappointing news for the fans who had moved on.

These are the two match line-ups:

Note that instead of a game typically split into three periods, the game was split into two 30-minute halves.

Anthony Richard was particularly famous during this first half when the 25-year-old striker scored two goals, including this one:

Obviously, the former Val-d’Or Foreurs won’t break into the Canadiens’ lineup this fall, but he could be a very important piece for Jean-François Houle at Laval. On a team that will be much younger than it was last year, he’s likely to be the veteran used in all aspects of the game by the Rockets.

Brendan Gallagher had some worried as he returned to the locker room after colliding with Joel Armia, but the striker was quickly back in action and even scored this hilarious goal on his return:

In the second half, the Reds doubled their lead thanks to this superb pass from Filip Mesar that allowed Alex Green to score.

But Lucas Condotta closed the gap when he completed this deft maneuver as he found himself in the breakaway:

But the Reds maintained their dominance when Joel Armia and Jared Davidson scored to give their team a 5-2 lead.

Late in the match, Xavier Simoneau scored a sixth goal for the Reds with this superb shot:

A brief three-on-three overtime ensued and the Reds’ young hopefuls came to fruition when Arber Xhekaj scored off Joshua Roy’s fine delivery.

Note that Owen Beck got his third assist of the game on the streak.

The Reds ultimately won 7-2, and despite the absence of several players and prospects, the fans seemed to have enjoyed the show.

Remember that the Habs will face the Devils tomorrow at the Bell Center in their first preseason game.

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