We were listening to Musique Plus |  Four girls and a smell of nostalgia

We were listening to Musique Plus | Four girls and a smell of nostalgia

We couldn’t do anything else. The meeting place assigned to Marie-Josée Gauvin for this interview was obvious: the corner of De Bleury and Sainte-Catherine Ouest, in Montreal, of course. Where for years, MusiquePlus VJs have performed live. Where the young Marie-Josée Gauvin dreamed of working one day.

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veronique larocque

veronique larocque

Fate will have decided otherwise. Whoever can be heard on weekday mornings on Rouge FM will never have held the microphone of the defunct television station. MusiquePlus will still have marked the host’s life to such an extent that she has chosen to title her first novel in honor of the channel.

“Are people going to expect this to be a documentary? », concerned Marie-Josée Gauvin when choosing the title, We were listening to MusicPlus.

Because no, the book does not take place in the glass studios that have welcomed all the artists of the moment for more than two decades. Rather, it transports the reader to Lac-Saint-Jean in the early 2000s and follows four music-loving teenagers who spend most of their time listening to MusiquePlus, you guessed it.

Without being autobiographical, the novel is inspired by the life of the presenter and three childhood friends she has known since kindergarten.

Basically, the point of this book is really to pay homage to these three girls, to our friendship.

Marie-José Gauvin

Like many teenagers who went to high school when Britney Spears was at the top of the charts, the foursome traded creatively folded letters between classes. Nostalgic in her soul, Marie-Josée Gauvin had kept them all. Unfortunately, they burned down in a fire a few years ago.

“As a birthday present, my friend Jade had all the ones I had written for her printed. She told me: “It may not be the same, but it is a bit of our history that is there,” says the 30-year-old woman.

“Reading them again, I realized: ‘There’s something there.’ »

pop culture

This “something” became the first volume of a trilogy full of nods to the pop culture of the turn of the millennium. Think of Brad Pitt in autumn legendsto Jennifer Love Hewitt in Tonight everything is alloweda PS cuteness in the waves of Rock Détente, with studded belts, with tribal tattoos: if you are between 30 and 40 years old, memories follow after reading this novel.

Did all these examples from the past require extensive research? On the contrary. “This culture was very important to my friends and to me,” replies Marie-Josée Gauvin. Even today, in her daily discussions she frequently refers to items from the 1990s and 2000s, which sometimes discourages her radio colleagues, she reveals.

To immerse herself in her past, Marie-Josée Gauvin let herself be carried away by the songs of the time.

There are some for whom smells bring back many memories. Yo, it’s really the music. […] My musical memory is very clear. I can tell how I was dressed the first time I heard a piece or how I felt.

Marie-José Gauvin

each chapter ofWe were listening to MusicPlus it is also associated with a song. Of kill in name from Rage Against the Machine to ironic by Alanis Morissette, via I miss you of La Chicane or life is ugly by Jean Leloup, the playlist is varied (and available on Spotify for those interested).

Although nostalgia for the 2000s is very present in the novel, Marie-Josée Gauvin does not believe that it is necessary to have lived through that decade to identify with her quartet of friends, quite the contrary. “No matter the time, the emotions in adolescence remain the same”, thinks she who is currently working on the second volume of the trilogy.

We were listening to MusicPlus

We were listening to MusicPlus

Editions du Parc opposite

300 pages

Lana, dog star

Marie-Josée Gauvin admits that she is very inspired to write by those around her. If her friends appear in We were listening to MusicPlus, in Lananouille’s children’s albums, it is rather his family and his dog that are at the center of the story. “It is a family project. With Joséphine, my daughter, we brainstorm. […] It’s almost a canine autofiction because Lana does all these things for real”, explains the author about this funny series starring a clumsy animal, whose second title was published last summer.

Lananouille 2 – The dog who didn't see himself as a dog

Lananouille 2 – The dog who didn’t see himself as a dog

Editions Les Malins

From 3 years

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