Rare outing for comedian Jean Lapointe

Rare outing for comedian Jean Lapointe

At 87 years old and despite major health problems, Jean Lapointe came to celebrate his 40me anniversary of the Maison and the Jean Lapointe Foundation, Wednesday afternoon. Masked and moving around in a wheelchair, the chic actor was surrounded by several members of his family and many of his friends.

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Jean Lapointe has had pretty serious health problems for almost ten years (stroke, cancer, CHSLD stays). Challenges that he describes in detail in the new part of his biography. crying. Because the book, which was launched 27 years ago, has just been enriched with a more current fourth part entitled Regards.

His state of health did not prevent the actor from making a rare public outing for this ceremony in honor of the four decades of Maison Jean Lapointe; a place that has welcomed 40,000 people in 40 years and has carried out prevention work with a million young people since 2004.

“I have had difficult years […], he whispered into the microphone that was offered to him. Thanks to the gray sisters. [*à qui appartenait le bâtiment abritant la Maison Jean Lapointe], because if it hadn’t been for them, we wouldn’t be there. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say a big thank you. Thank you for those this organization has helped, it is perhaps what I am most proud of, if only the instigator. »

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Pierre Karl Péladeau was present on Wednesday night together with Jean Lapointe.

Photo Agency QMI, Toma Iczkovits

Pierre Karl Péladeau was present on Wednesday night together with Jean Lapointe.

Pierre Karl Péladeau, president and CEO of Quebecor, highlighted the great friendship between Jean Lapointe and his father, Pierre Péladeau. A mural of the great comedian was also unveiled on a wall in the backyard of the Maison Jean Lapointe.

The actor Benoit Brière signs the prologue of the biography Pleurires.

Photo Agency QMI, Toma Iczkovits

The actor Benoit Brière signs the prologue of the biography Pleurires.

The actor Benoit Brière, author of the prologue of crying, was also part of the party. She also took the opportunity to reveal to the Trunk that he and Jean Lapointe are working on a joint film project. “There will be something, I promise! »

“My father is still very funny, despite everything that can happen and I wanted there to be touches of humor in his biography,” he explained to the Trunk Anne Elizabeth Lapointe, who helped her father collect her memories to write her biography. She touted her father’s optimism, positivity, and quality of being forever grateful. “I am lucky to have him still alive. »

Excerpt from the biography Pleurires by Jean Lapointe

“Awards and Tributes

During my career, I have been rewarded in many ways.

In the first place for my public, which explains my long career.

And also for my colleagues and for the industry.

I make a point of saying that I never ran after prices and tributes. I do not do this work to receive it. As I tell you, my reward comes in the first place from the people who attended my shows and bought my records. My fans, as they say.

However, receiving an award is always a pleasure, and in 2010 and 2011 I received several in a short time.

In June 2010, the Association of Cinema and Cineparc Owners of Quebec (APCCQ) awarded me the Bobine d’Or for Lifetime Achievement in Filmmaking at the organization’s annual dinner.

That same year I won two Jutra awards: Best Supporting Actor for the film À l’origine d’un cri by Robin Aubert and the Tribute Award for my entire film career.

Two awards in honor of me? I told myself :

“So do they know something I don’t?” They must have found out that I was getting old and shouldn’t be here for long!

And yet, I would still like to play in the movies if the opportunity presented itself. When I had health problems, Benoit Brière approached me to act in a short film. But it was impossible for me. He had just had a stroke. But I wouldn’t hate being on a movie set.

You know, despite everything, I remained young in spirit and in heart.

Today, I lead a comfortable life. Mercedes takes care of me as if she were a little old man. What am I saying, I’m an old man! I would like to live to 93. I want to make the most of the time I have left. Spend nice and good times with my family and friends. We recently found a shadow in one of my lungs, but it’s stable. And I can’t have any more treatments.

So death, I look it in the face and I say: “Not right away. You’ll see me again when she’s 93.”

Until then, I continue to apply the way of life of the

Alcoholics Anonymous: One day at a time. And live 24 hours at a time.

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