Aaron Ekblad on the LTIR: The Panthers' defense is tough, and Kent Hughes must be rubbing his hands

Aaron Ekblad on the LTIR: The Panthers’ defense is tough, and Kent Hughes must be rubbing his hands

A tile just fell on the head of the Florida Panthers.

Earlier today, we learned that the team had placed Aaron Ekblad on the long-term injured list (LTIR). The number one defender on the roster will miss some time, while the length of his absence has not been determined at this time.

This is, of course, a blow to (Panthers GM) Bill Zito. And the problem is that they don’t get reinforcements replacing Ekblad’s contract ($7.5M/year) due to the already high payroll.

Therefore, the Panthers will have to make arrangements with the players they currently have.

We never wish injuries on a player, we agree.

But… Ekblad’s absence could benefit the Montreal Canadiens. Why? I remind you that the Panthers’ first choice this year was acquired by Kent Hughes at the last trade deadline, in the trade he sent Ben Chiarot to Florida.

If the Panthers (who made big changes this summer) can’t make the playoffs one way or another, that’s great news for CH.

And if the Canadian is able to get a top 15 pick with the to choose from Florida, Kent Hughes will drive.

Because we get along…

It’s not with a defense like this (image below) that the Panthers will be dangerous this year. Not really even. You know, when Marc Staal evolves in his first pair in defense…

It’s because you’re in trouble.

(Credit: Daily Face to Face)

This is a situation that could be interesting to follow in the coming weeks.

The Avalanche lose their captain for a long period

It’s not just the Panthers who got some bad news today. The Colorado avalanche is also part of the lot.

Squad captain Gabriel Landeskog will be out for 12 weeks (approximately). The Swede underwent surgery for a knee injury.

This is not the first time we have seen the Avalanche lose the services of its captain. Injuries have not spared him, and have been for several years.

It’s a huge loss for the Avalanche, for sure. But, there is so much talent within this line-up that it doesn’t worry me too much. Colorado shouldn’t have too much trouble finding success despite the star player’s injury (unlike the Panthers) and the team’s bigwigs will have to step up to make up for his absence.

Did you think I was done with wounds for this text? Think again.

The season is still young, but big chunks of the league are falling off. Connor Brown, who is in his first season in Washington after signing a three-year contract worth $3.6 million a year, will also have to miss several games.

The Capitals announced this morning that the forward has a serious lower-body injury and, like Ekblad and Landeskog, will be sidelined for an extended period.

Toronto Leafs defenseman Jake Muzzin is also injured. On the other hand, his ailment does not seem too serious, while it is estimated that he should miss only the team’s next three games.

In fact, actions. Waiting for the boys to do well in their respective rehabilitation … And that the Panthers miss the playoffs, eh eh.

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– Things are bad at the Toronto store.

– Daniel Alfredsson was loved by many people.

– Did you go to donate blood?

– Oh yeah?

– Come on Shapo!

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